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From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Pixel Superfans Community

Audience Honor in Community Management


Google’s beloved Pixel phone helps millions of people express themselves and connect with their people and the world around them. With inclusive and helpful features like Real Tone, Magic Eraser, and customizable Material You themes, as well as years of reliability in security and integration, the Pixel has amassed a passionate fan base that considers the phone their sidekick and is dedicated to the Google brand as an important part of their daily life, many since the first iteration in 2016. 

This presented a major opportunity to build meaningful community, reward loyalty, and inspire advocacy. We deliver this with the Pixel Superfans loyalty program and Facebook Group. We are now up to over 45,000 social community members at the end of our second year of the program…and counting.

How did we cultivate this super-engaged community? The first step in any of our community projects is researching and listening to our audience to understand what moves them. Here’s what we found out:

Strategy and Execution

To connect with these passionate Superfans in a meaningful way, we focused on nailing a value proposition that taps directly into their interests and qualities to make this a hyper-targeted fan community only Google can deliver. Our community programming is centered around 3 pillars:

It is also core to our philosophy that we continuously co-build this community with our members, which is why we activate the community of Superfans in a group forum with a Facebook Group, where multiple voices and free discussion can shine, rather than a branded broadcast channel. We also feed into a membership email newsletter and regularly survey Superfans to ensure that this is truly a living and breathing community that evolves over time with their input.

Our community managers work on Superfans day-in and day-out to ensure that we prompt and highlight rich discussion, celebrate the individuality and enthusiasm of our Superfans as they share about themselves, and enforce a respectful, safe community for everyone. We maximize the conversation potential of Facebook Groups as a community platform to invite polls, topic threads, native Q&As, live moments, and digital events to make the social experience truly…well, social.


The 2022 results of our program show Superfans adore and actively participate in the community we have created for them, and the value proposition has been realized. Here are some of our proudest accomplishments this year:

The relationship we’ve built between Google and Superfans is a strong, healthy, and mutually valued one that reminds us of the power of truly social community-building.


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1000heads, Google

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