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From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Panasonic LUMIX

Winner in Instructional Video


Do what you love, the saying goes, and you’ll never work a day in your life. But how does one turn their hobby into a career? This was the main question IMGN Media asked themselves when kick starting this campaign. IMGN Media and LUMIX wanted to reach the next generation of creators, videographers, directors and cinematagraphers to show how the help with Panasonic's LUMIX line of cameras and lenses you could help create "movie" like content on a small budget and in the comfort of your home through quick-hit educational content.   

Strategy and Execution

Knowing that TikTok has become the new SEO engine for the younger generation, they knew it would be best to create this content through the LUMIX TikTok channel and they were able to bring this innovative campaign to life by utilizing eye-catching educational video content created with LUMIX tools, such a how to Make A Tiny movie Set in your garage and creating underwater miniature effects that's seen in movies. LUMIX faces a couple of challenges in their social strategy, reaching an underrepresented demographic of content creators in the Latino Community and also creating “value” content for their fans as people do not want to see ads all about how it’s great to buy their cameras and products. To help overcome these challenges, IMGN’s Vertical Studios team partnered with an upcoming content creator, Alex Vutskos to help create these educational videos to live on their social channels, for content that’s not showing off features of the camera – rather showing how the camera can help them in their career. We brainstormed some concepts that will be easily digiestible but alos educational that we thought would help the up and coming videographers that are looking to buy their next camera.


By partnering with one Latino creator and utilizing IMGN Vertical Studios to create videos designed to support the different LUMIX gear resulted in a series of creative and educational videos that generated a total of  10M Impressions, 8.6M Video Views, 707K Engagements,  8.19% ER, and a TikTok VCR of 33% across 2 different platforms –  Tik Tok and Instagram all organically.   The ER and VCR beat our benchmarks by 3x in both stats.


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