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Gold Honor in On a Shoestring


Turn a conversation about our brand into an opportunity to provide a unique and memorable experience for a new target outside our typical audience.  
Quickly create a platform to award one lucky student and three friends a chance to ride to prom in the Wienermobile in response to trending conversation on TikTok. 

Strategy and Execution

Every year, the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile team receives dozens of requests from students for rides in the Wienermobile. However, in 2022, we learned from social listening that teens were begging for a ride to prom in the Wienermobile – right as the topic started trending on TikTok, in the middle of prom season! Without a moment to spare, time to prepare a brief or a chance to carve out a budget, we activated to launch #OscarTakeMeToProm, an agile UGC contest on TikTok & Instagram. The prize: give one lucky student plus three friends a chance to win a ride to prom in the Wienermobile.  
​Through paid and organic efforts, we launched our contest with scrappy, TikTok-teen friendly content that asked fans to post a video telling us why they wanted to arrive at the prom in the Wienermobile using #OscarTakeMeToProm. We also leveraged one of our most important brand assets, the official Oscar Mayer Hotdoggers, for additional content. These Wienermobile drivers helped us communicate the contest rules in exciting ways and inspired creative submissions from students.  
Then, on May 26th, we made prom dreams come true. To help the winner relish the bun-derful night, the Hotdoggers captured and shared content of the ride in real time using their official Oscar Mayer social accounts. Finally, we created a recap video post of the winner’s prom ride to help her relish the night forever. 


Within only 2 weeks of identifying the opportunity and with only $5,000 in production dollars (1.8% of Oscar Mayer’s production budget), we launched #OscarTakeMeToProm — our social promposal contest.   

The contest was promoted entirely on TikTok and Instagram with minimal paid support, utilizing only 2.3% of the brand’s media budget.  
Our reactive, low-budget strategy had a huge halo effect. The opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime experience quickly caught the attention of millions of students, fans and media outlets alike.   
We garnered over 20 million views of #OscarTakeMetoProm content on TikTok, second only to our total campaign tagline hashtag.  

The buzz led to 260 Earned media placements – which ultimately garnered 310MM earned media impressions.  
Between paid, organic and earned, the contest helped us gain a total of 442 total engagements for the entire campaign.   
Engagement Rate of our content surpassed Instagram platform benchmarks over 1.7x.  
But most importantly, the contest and content helped Oscar Mayer gain new, younger followers — including a +65% increase in reach on Instagram – helping drive brand relevance in a younger generation.  


Video for #OscarTakeMeToProm

Entrant Company / Organization Name

The Kitchen, The Kraft Heinz Company (Oscar Mayer)


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