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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

New York Times Games Chess Replay

Entered in Multi-Platform Partnership


On June 13th 2022, The New York Times Games launched a new game, Chess Replay. Chess Replay featured gameplay using puzzles based on historical chess matches where players jump into the historical matches and play alongside a chess grandmaster. New York Times Games sought to earn awareness and credibility for the new Chess puzzle game by connecting with the iconic New York City chess community, encouraging chess fans and newbies to learn more about the iconic game.

Strategy and Execution

In order to authentically tap into pillars of nostalgia, community and the iconic city chess scene that happens across parks citywide every day, Games worked with one of New York’s most prolific cultural influencers and documentary film director, New York Nico. Nico, a Games fan and Times reader, is a social media personality known for his instagram account where he shares stories showcasing life in New York City.

Games tasked Nico with showing New York’s love for chess, speaking to players who’ve played for more than twenty years, explaining what makes the game so meaningful  .He encouraged his followers to play the new digital Chess puzzle, raising awareness of NYT Games overall. Nico interviewed real NYC chess players in Washington Square Park about their favorite players, matches and their own chess playing experiences. He created and posted a :60s film to Instagram and TikTok to inspire his followers to try Chess Replay by New York Times Games.


The Chess Replay launch was one of NYT’s most successful partnered content pieces, driving more views, comments and blue check mark engagement than any sponsored content to-date. NYT’s Chess Replay partnership attracted 41% more likes than the average piece of sponsored content on New York Nico’s account. We also saw 4% more comments than average, including many from hardcore chess players and the larger chess community giving the video their stamp of approval. Additionally, celebrity Instagram users like Josh Peck commented on the post to express their affinity.


Video for New York Times Games Chess Replay

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The New York Times


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