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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards


Finalist in Community Management


MTV Brand Social’s objective in 2022 was to hone in on our brand voice across our social platforms, while making engaging content and interacting with our fans and talent on a daily basis. Our goals were to increase our following, see an increase in engagements, and solidify our place as a powerhouse brand on social media in the music and entertainment space.

Strategy and Execution

MTV Brand Social had a stand out year thanks to the great content we were able to create mixed with our identifiable brand voice, both of which focus on a fan-first celebration of music and pop culture. We were able to take our established videos series like 22 Questions for 2022 and Music To Blank To to the next level featuring fan-favorite talent like Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly, Camila Mendes, Seventeen, Madelyn Cline, and the cast of Heartstopper.

We continued to put a big emphasis on fan engagement across everything we do, bridging the gap between the stars we’re always posting about and the fans themselves. An example of this would be our most recent iteration of Stan Club, which poses the question, “Why do you love (insert your favorite musician’s name here)?” This year, we’ve seen a lot of love from the talent featured in these CTAs on both Twitter and Instagram, many of them calling out how special it is to see all the incredible responses from all of their fans.

We also continued to amp up our artist partnership program, where we partner with unique and talented artists that we find on social media, to help us create custom content surrounding tentpoles, holidays,, and eventize the “every day.” Partnering with these artists has helped us diversify our feeds and showcase some incredible artwork from growing artists, including claymation versions of our favorite celebrities nominated for MTV Movie & TV Awards and graffiti style hats celebrating our favorite Women In Rap.

In addition to creating unique, identifiable content, the team spends a lot of their time in the comments section of posts, scrolling through their FYP, and replying to fans and talent every chance they get. MTV is here to support our favorite artists as both a fan and a friend. We focus on celebrating big wins, while creating meaningful connections and relationships with both the artists and the fans who love to obsess with us.

Because of our honed in voice and our dedicated audience, we’re able to broaden the scope of what we discuss and publish on our accounts to extend past just music and entertainment. Publishing content that reflects the importance of mental health, encouraging our followers to register to vote and participate in upcoming elections, and uplifting anti-hate campaigns has been a core part of what we do. We’ve developed a brand voice that doesn’t just talk to our audience, but instead talks with them. We allow for open and honest discussions with fans and talent, which is an important part in helping us all make impactful change.


This was a great year for MTV Brand Social thanks to massive growth across the board. MTV Instagram had its biggest year for views ever, with 672M views and that number is still rising. MTV also surpassed 100M cross-platform followers this year. This was achieved due to big follower gains on both our TikTok (+1.3M followers) and Instagram (+2.3M followers) accounts. All of this growth is thanks to the incredible content the team has been making and producing. From 22 Questions with all the biggest stars to giving fans a front row pass to the top music festivals to becoming best friends on social media with all your favorite celebs — we have been able to create an identifiable brand voice across our social platforms by creating unique and engaging content, while also interacting with fans and talent.


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MTV Entertainment Studios and Paramount Media Networks


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