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Food Wars

Bronze Honor in Long Form Video

Audience Honor in Long Form Video


Food Wars is a series which aims to deliver factual, educational information about food and drink to audiences around the world in a fun and engaging way. The show aims to highlight interesting differences and similarities between global cultures, improve general awareness of what goes into what we eat and drink, and to help grow the Food Insider brand across social media.

Strategy and Execution

Food Wars presents unique challenges when it comes to both pre- and post-production. Pre-production requires a large amount of research into fast food chains, collating all of the menu items worth highlighting, and researching noteworthy ingredients to educate consumers. Shoots are then conducted across two continents and three time zones via careful planning and execution.

Our hosts are tasked with delivering information-heavy scripts in an engaging, entertaining way. In post-production, our editors are then tasked with creating concise, well-paced videos and imparting their comedic voices onto the episodes. These edits are strengthened by a fantastic motion graphics team which adds memorable visual moments to episodes. 

Once the videos are posted to YouTube, we make use of analytics such as average watch time and click through rate to make data-driven decisions about future episodes, as well as maximizing the episodes’ performance by utilizing all available tools such as the YouTube Community tab.


Food Wars is a smash hit on YouTube. Food Wars videos have been viewed an astounding 75,000,000 times on YouTube in 2022 alone, with almost 17,000,000 hours’ worth of watch time. In addition to entertaining viewers, we have also raised awareness of what goes into our food and beverages thanks to thorough research into the chemicals and ingredients often found in them. 

The show has expanded to feature food and drinks in the US, the UK, Japan, and India in an incredibly entertaining, authentic, and informative way. We have also expanded the format by moving from traditional fast food chains into fast-casual restaurants, popular snacks, and chains known for their beverages like Starbucks. With big plans for 2023, Food Wars will continue to be a fan favorite among Insider’s various series.


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