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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Instagram | Yours to Make Lollapalooza

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Young Brazilians are navigating a society that continues to be impacted by social and political unrest. This state of flux has a harder impact on the youngest in society as their personalities are still a ‘work in progress’. 

Given the digital tools this generation has at their disposal, many Gen Z create content in some form on a daily basis, but over time they’ve come to view Instagram as being too curated and focused on perfection. 

In order to keep audiences engaged with the platform, we needed to re-establish Instagram's relevance with its core audience so they view it as a place where they can express themselves authentically. 

Our ‘Lollapalooza - Yours to Make’ campaign was born directly from this purpose and combined with the audience’s desire to put their own stamp on the world. By putting the audience at the heart of the story, it became a campaign by the audience, for the audience using Instagram platform as an enabler to amplify the community's own creative expression. 

Strategy and Execution

Using Meta technologies we created a seamless user journey; ads appeared on our platforms that invited Gen Z to participate and be the protagonists of our campaign. The ads took them through to a WhatsApp BOT where they provided their consent to participate. They then selected an augmented reality (AR) effect curated from AR native creators from our own plataforms. Once users chose their favorite AR effect, they filmed themselves creatively in their own unique way using the AR, the content was then moderated by internal Instagram teams and the content was not only sent back to the users within seconds with a digital template made through Dynamic Ads but they were also featured to high-profile out of home (OOH) sites across main cities of Brazil. These OOH were geo-targeted so the audience could know exactly where their specific content would be displayed.. And to those who attended Lollapalooza music festival they could also see themselves in our Instagram space and in giant billboards at the main stages, attended by over 250K people. 


With Gen Z viewing themselves as creative individuals, the AR Filter OOH campaign was a great way to connect them and showcase their everyday creativity. A total of 2342 videos were created within 02 weeks reaching 115M people across Brazil and as soon as the OOH went live, many participants raced to track down ‘their’ poster sites and filmed themselves with them - thereby creating more content, buzz for the partnership and additional participants in the campaign 

‘Yours to Make’ helped reposition Instagram in the eyes of Gen Z with 66.8% of those who saw the campaign saying their viewed Instagram as an “innovative brand” and 63.4% associating Instagram with the Lollapalooza festival.  The content was seen by over 115M people across Brazil making sure we created a campaign 100% made by our people reinforcing once again thal all about Instagram is Yours to Make.


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Creative X, Meta, Instagram


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