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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

“LGBTQ Nation’s Authentic Voices of Pride, presented by Chevrolet”

Finalist in Video Series

Entered in LGBTQ Community Engagement, Social Good Campaign


General Motors’ vision is to be “the most inclusive company in the world”.  GM’s brand Chevrolet sought to enable the safe and honest conversations that are essential to making progress a reality in the fight for LGBTQ+ equality.

Campaign Objectives:

1. Raise awareness and start conversations about significant issues LGBTQ face that do not get the attention they deserve.

2. Profile real LGBTQ who have experienced the issue, found a solution, and are now helping others.

3. Support organizations and people who are making a difference and impacting change in the community.

4. Support LGBTQ owned media and the important work they do, leveraging their unique position being of- by- and for- the LGBTQ all year round.

Strategy and Execution

Q.Digital created a multiyear, multipart, issue-based series that profiles the critical issues LGBTQ face, and how activists, thought leaders, everyday people, and organizations are creating change by leading solution-based work.

“LGBTQ Nation’s Authentic Voices of Pride, presented by Chevrolet” launched in September 2021 with five topics. In 2022 the series returned for Year 2 with four new topics: “Raising LGBTQ Kids,” “Young LGBTQ Leaders,” “Stonewall Generation” and “Small Town LGBTQ.”

Each topic featured subject experts with authority on the issue providing facts people should know, as well as real people in the community who have a personal narrative to share, and influencers using their platform to raise awareness. These elements were brought to life in a long form (8-10 min) documentary-style video, a series of long form editorial articles, and social posts. Each topic elevated a charity affecting change that the audience was able to contribute to, matching a donation from Chevrolet. The 2022 high profile participants include Ashlyn Harris (Soccer), Leslie Jordan (TV), Busy Phillips (TV), Tyler Oakley (influencer), Wilson Cruz (tv), Sarah Kate Ellis (GLAAD), Bob the Drag Queen, Shangela (TV).  In June and October, the series came to life in-person at the NewFest LGBTQ Film Festival with a screening and panel discussion.

There was a poignant moment in the campaign where in one topic segment, “Authentic Voices of Pride” had profiled aging LGBTQ and their unique issues. People who were part of what is affectionally called the Stonewall Generation. This generation includes people whose advocacy for equality helped to lay the path we all walk on today, but unfortunately are faced with a new kind of challenge as they age, which includes a lack of resources for out and elderly LGBTQ, a group who never really existed before. For this topic, LGBTQ Nation interviewed TV star Leslie Jordan (Will and Grace) about his years advocating for equality, his personal journey, and what aging LGBTQ can celebrate today while dealing with growing older. However, just after the release of the video, the beloved star passed away. This beautiful interview was the last interview in LGBTQ media that Leslie Jordan gave, and so the videos became a tribute to him. Moments like this showed the power of working with LGBTQ media who advised on appropriateness during the sensitive time.

Every aspect of “LGBTQ Nation’s Authentic Voices of Pride, presented by Chevrolet” is cobranded with LGBTQ Nation and Chevrolet. LGBTQ Nation is the leading LGBTQ news and current events sites, LGBTQ-owned by Q.Digital (certified by the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce).The program was paired with custom LGBTQ display and video creative.The collaboration with Q.Digital is part of General Motors commitment to elevating Diverse Owned Media. 

This program in scale is arguably the largest LGBTQ Media program ever and continues into year three in 2023.


Nielsen conducted two Brand Studies of content from Authentic Voices of Pride – measuring the reaction of 400 LGBTQ and 400 LGBTQ Allies (800 total).  The results show that the topic drove a huge increase in positive sentiment toward the Chevrolet brand for its support of LGBTQ voices, media and issues, and lifted Purchase Intent and Recommendation Intent (a considerable lift considering the legacy, well known, generationally established brand Chevrolet).

+31 “Chevrolet is an Ally of the LGBTQ community for supporting LGBTQ issues” (71% after seeing AVOP at NewFest video, vs 40% control) 

+19 “I like Chevrolet more knowing that Chevrolet supports LGBTQ-Owned Media to discuss important LGBTQ topics” (69% after seeing AVOP Small Town MidCut, vs 50% control)

+22 “I like Chevrolet more knowing that Chevrolet helps amplify LGBTQ voices.” (70% after seeing AVOP Small Town MidCut, vs 48% control)

+25 “Chevrolet is an Ally of the LGBTQ community for supporting LGBTQ issues” (65% after seeing AVOP Raising LGBTQ Kids, vs 40% control)

+4 Purchase Intent (Q.Digital content combined)

+9 Recommendation Intent (Q.Digital content combined)

+14 Lift with Allies – Chevrolet is driver of change (Q.Digital content combined)


Additional Results:

The NewFest “Authentic Voices of Pride” panel and screening was mentioned in Deadline, IndiWire, Advocate and GayCities News.  Content from Authentic Voices of Pride won a Shorty Impact Award (LGBTQ Owned Business) and Silver mention for Auto category, and was nominated for a GLAAD Media Award.


$272,000 was raised for LGBTQ charities in 2022, bringing 2-year total to $503K.




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