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Special Project
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Levi's Love: Strengthening Community Management By Giving

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"Love is a two way street" is a saying that can be applied to all relationships, especially between brands and consumers. That's why when Levi's was looking to strengthen their community management program and proactively build love for the brand, they respected the saying and understood that in order to get you have to be willing to give. The goal of this campaign was to execute a community engagement strategy in order to create a positive sentiment in the comments section of Levi's Tik Tok Channel and other related content, as well as spark additional positive conversations about the brand among Tik Tok influencers and Gen Z consumers.

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The Golden Rule says to treat others the way you want to be treated. This was the principle at the heart of the strategy for building brand love for Levi's Tik Tok channel. The strategy consisted of liking over a thousand creator videos and leaving nearly 600 comments across them, seeding products on the fly, and reviewing users who had tagged Levi's and turning some of them into partners.

When it came to Levi's seeding initiative, the team surprised and delighted six creators in one quarter. The team recognized that sometimes opportunities present themselves and other times they need to be saught out, knowing that certain creators will make content if sent product. One great example was when the team noticed @palomameehan tagged Levi's in her fashion content on a regular basis. She seemed like a perfect seeding candidate for the Baggy Dad launch, so the team sent her a pair of jeans and shorts, resulting in a nice summer style video with a shoutout to Levi's. Alternatively, @morgan.elizabith had posted a video where she recreates "Pinterest Fits." She was styling her Levi's shorts and accidentally ripped them on camera. After being tagged a handful of times, the team engaged with the video and sent Morgan a new pair of 501 shorts. She then posted a video after receiving her package. Furthermore, @rosetintedquart, an LGBTQ+ creator, posted a two part series where they honestly reviewed the Levi's Pride Collection. They mentioned how one of their favorite items was the beret, but it was out of their price range. After being repeatedly tagged by their followers, the team decided to send them a pride package which resulted in a very sweet unboxing video. 

In addition, the team would proactively go through Levi's tags and make note of creators who they think could work for certain campaigns. By leveraging creators who are genuine lovers of the brand and tag Levi's on a regular basis, the team was able to make the most out of turning taggers into partners. For example, Pauline, a Paris based fashion and lifestyle creator, first came on the team's radar when she tagged Levi's in one of her classic "On s'habille Ensemble" videos.She created a video for the page completely in french and posted 7 additional videos on her own channel, featuring and tagging her Levi's items after the partnership. Additionally, both Rue and Marquis were discovered through tagging Levi's in content and the team has worked with both of them twice. The team often finds that creators charge a lot more to have content live on their own pages, but Rue and Marquis genuinely love the brand and have both posted their Levi's partnership videos on their own pages as well as other social channels.


As a result of Levi's community management initiative, the team liked 1594 creator videos, left 571 comments, received 276 responses to those comments and had 3621 likes on those comments. 

When it came to product seeding videos, @palomameehan's two videos amounted to over 36,000 views with an average engagement rate of 4.73%, @morgan.elizabeth's two videos received over 60,000 views with an average engagement rate of 17.45%, and @roseintedquart's two videos had over 30,000 views with an average engagement rate of 23.73%.

Going from tags to partners, Pauline's video received over 136,000 views with an engagement rate of 10.96%, Rue's video received over 72,000 views with an engagement rate of 8.08% and Marquis' had over 19,000 views with an engagement rate of 8.85%. 

Overall, the community management efforts were a success. Comments on the channel remain overwhelmingly positive, with extra love going to the "From The Archives" and "Tailor Shop series". 


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IMGN Media, Levi's


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