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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Levi’s® Fresh® Farmer’s Market – UM and Tastemade for LS&Co®

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A brand new, ‘live in’ product that’s authentically you - Levi’s Fresh is a colorful and diverse line, rooted (quite literally) in sustainability, with product tags like carrot and lemon that mirror the garments natural dyes made from ingredients everyone can understand – including real fruits, veggies, and minerals.  

Sustainability, Simplified -  The heart and soul of the new Levi’s new Fresh collection is a defining belief that consumers should shop like the world depends on it, understanding the impact and value of their decisions on the environment. Sustainability is Gen Z’s number one concern and in today’s greenwashed world, sustainability is too often a brand buzzword eroded by empty promises and performative actions. They feed growing consumer skepticism that any brand that says they’re green can’t actually mean it.  

A craving for the unexpected – Although the collection is vibrant, colorful, and fashion-forward, cutting through the clutter with A18-30 requires first-of-their-kind experiences that break the mold of expected online fashion partnerships.   

We set out on a mission to bring Levi’s sustainability to life by making it simple, approachable and transparent – through a campaign that played on the vibrant, edible dye components of the Levi’s Fresh line and made them interactive and edible - bringing to life sustainable style so fresh you can taste it. The key objectives were to drive awareness and consideration while establishing Levi’s as a leader in sustainability and head-to-toe style with key KPIs of maximized IRL and social engagement, Red Tab membership signups and Video Completion Rate.   

Strategy and Execution

Sustainability becomes believable when you can see it firsthand – but better yet, when it’s so foolproof you can taste it and so vibrant you have to try it on. There’s no better place to show off a bright collection built on natural, sustainable dyes than a place where next gen style icons can experience the pieces firsthand and taste the dye-inspired dishes for themselves.   

Levi’s brought this appetite for visceral experiences to life at the top trending street-food market in America – Smorgasburg. The NY and LA markets attract over 50,000 people to four locations each weekend with 100+ local vendors and frequent celebrity and chef sightings. Smorgasburg is a trendy and relevant brand well known to Angelinos and draws a curated audience of experience lovers and trend-setters.   

Introducing: Levi’s Fresh Farmer’s Market: Sustainable style so Fresh you could taste it.   

Working in partnership with culinary and experiential experts Smorgasburg and Tastemade, we brought the first ever fresh produce market experience to the street-food fair in downtown LA for 2 weekends. Levi’s activation complemented the food fair’s cooked meals with a completely fresh and sustainable activation inspired by the Fresh collection. The event drew attendees to the vibrancy of the collection and tangibly demonstrated its sustainability through the connection to the plant-based dyes, targeting an audience built to resonate with Levi’s efforts: more likely to purchase environmentally friendly products (128 ix), like trying new things (160 ix), and likely to purchase fashion apparel (156 ix).   

Tapping into our audience’s passion for trendsetting experiences, Levi’s brought the first ever fresh-food farmers market to thousands of people at LA’s Smorgasburg. The connection to the Fresh collection was unmistakable throughout the entire market – across multiple interactive elements and prominent branding.  

6 tastemakers attended the activation, wearing Fresh looks, guiding attendees through the experience and live posting the event throughout to boost engagement with their followers.   

Levi’s Fresh products were positioned in the middle of four vibrant fruit and veggie stations themed in colors of the Fresh product collection – vivid green with cucumbers and kiwis, yellow with bananas and pineapples, orange with melons and mangos. Attendees grabbed exclusive Levi’s Fresh branded tote bags to fill with fruits and veggies of their choice.   

Beyond strong visual cues, the space was outfitted to surprise and delight. Free juice shots themed to Fresh products, Levi’s lounge seating and live music were complimented by Levi’s Fresh cross-over recipes inspired by the collection at 10x of the local food vendors throughout Smorgasburg. Fresh dishes featured across the market matched the product rainbow and included Purple Ube Beignets with Ube drizzle from Treme Kitchen, Indonesian Fresh Rainbow Kueh Lapis cakes from Bungkus Bakus and Wild Berry Infused Dumpling with edible flowers from Cali Dumpling. Levi's presence was unmissable throughout the entire event.   

Levi’s broadened reach through a custom event sizzle reel that ran across social and streaming media, influencer content hyping up the products, custom social filters and shoppable tactics across social channels.  


Over 11K attendees visited Smorgasburg during Levi’s Fresh Farmer’s Market takeover. The event drove massive on-site outcomes both weekends – with 2500 Levi’s Fresh branded totes, 2,750 Levi’s Fresh juice shots and over 3700 pounds of produce distributed.   

Smorgasburg visitors carried their Levi’s Fresh totes throughout the market, creating high brand visibility across both weekends. 3,389 pounds of Levi’s produce was given away during the events, with the remaining 377 pounds donated to LA community fridges – making the branded displays both visually compelling and sustainable.   

Content extended buzz nationwide and crushed historical benchmarks across both streaming and social platforms. The event sizzle video ran across Tastemade’s YouTube with a video completion rate of 68.1%, 3x above benchmark. The engagement with the event content created continuity and excitement for tactics that showcased custom shot, farmers market talent assets through Snapchat takeovers and shoppable collection units with above benchmark CTRs at 0.68% and 1.19%, respectively.   


Video for Levi’s® Fresh® Farmer’s Market – UM and Tastemade for LS&Co®

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UM, Levi Strauss & Co


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