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Lenovo on TikTok: The Lenovskis Series

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After a successful launch on TikTok, Lenovo’s Corporate Social Media Team brought in a creative agency to explore unique ways to boost the brands' presence on the platform. Our objective was to authentically increase brand awareness for the company and our products by developing an engaging content series.

Before we launched the second generation of the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold (the world’s first foldable PC), we posted a TikTok showing a character named Danny bending a computer screen in half while his mom makes fun of him from the other room. After the video reached over one million organic views, we implemented our paid strategy to maintain the momentum. This video drove us to develop a skit-based series where one creator played multiple family members. We used this to dive deeper into these characters’ personalities and introduce our latest devices. While showcasing the everyday uses of our device, we aimed to use their family dynamic to entertain our audience in a format that was authentic to the platform. 


Throughout the series, we focused less on branding and more on creating engaging content and developing the family's narrative. While these videos still featured Lenovo products, we steered away from being promotional or ad-like. We knew we were on the right path when we continued to see comments like, “I didn't even know this was an ad!”

Launching a content series that resonates with the highly engaged audience on TikTok comes with trial and error. Having two characters in our initial skit limited the scale of the series. To overcome this, we started introducing new family members, including a sister and father, and further expanded the storyline. Through consistency and character development, we were able to use this series to launch new products and increase brand awareness with relatable personalities.


The series was a blend of organic and boosted videos. For the ads, Lenovo’s Corporate Social Media Team worked with TikTok to benchmark our videos against industry standards. All the video ads exceeded TikTok’s internal benchmark for the 6-second video through rate (VTR) by nearly 2x with an average VTR of 48.39%. Organically, the videos also generated an average engagement rate of 6.8%.

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