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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Language of Light: BMW’s Homage to International Mother Language Day

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The intrinsic value of multilingualism and the vital role of preserving and celebrating one's native language as a means of expressing cultural identity cannot be overstated. As such, we had the honor of collaborating with BMW Bangladesh in crafting a tribute to the historic Language Movement, aimed at highlighting the significance of linguistic diversity and cultural heritage in commemoration of International Mother Language Day, observed annually on the 21st of February.

A seminal moment in the chronicles of cultural identity expression, the 1950s Language Movement of Bangladesh, stands as a testament to the unparalleled influence of language in shaping a nation. Fuelled by a fervent determination to safeguard their mother tongue, the movement sparked a wave of linguistic pride that echoes even to this day. The recognition of International Mother Language Day by UNESCO in 1999 marked a momentous occasion, casting a spotlight on the vital role that language plays in shaping the identity of a community.

The commemoration of the International Mother Language Day was the focal point of our content strategy, as we aimed to pay tribute to the Language Movement and accentuate the importance of linguistic parity through the brand's communication. Our comprehensive approach sought to epitomize the brand values of BMW, while maximizing the potential of social media to reach out to the audience.

Strategy and Execution

At the heart of our partnership with BMW Bangladesh lies an unwavering dedication to the shared ethos of impeccable craftsmanship. Our creative alliance resulted in a stunning design that flawlessly merged the timeless magnificence of the Shaheed Minar with the inspiring aesthetics of the new BMW 7 Series, culminating in a breathtaking homage that boasts the monument's profound cultural significance.

Standing tall in the bustling city of Dhaka is the Shaheed Minar, erected in memory of the Language Movement martyrs, that echoes the sacrifices made by those who fought for linguistic equality. At 14 meters high, this awe-inspiring marble edifice features a half-circular array of columns that symbolize the mother with her fallen sons, while the vibrant sun in the backdrop is an acclaimation of their valor.

Our team embarked on an exploratory journey, seeking out shapes and contours within BMW's exclusive vehicles that would evoke the essence of the Shaheed Minar. After extensive research and analysis, it was the distinguished kidney grill, with its iconic BMW logo, that emerged as the most befitting representation of the monumental structure.

Our design featured the latest i7 model, with its front grill expertly shaped to mirror the contours of the Shaheed Minar when illuminated, creating a stunning illusion of the monument. The BMW logo, positioned near the grill, rendered any additional branding elements redundant. This strategic design decision elevated the aesthetic appeal of the content and lent an air of sophistication to the overall narrative. 

The decision to focus on this specific aspect of the car was driven by the fact that no other car brand has a similar-looking grill, underscoring the distinction of the design. The profound attention to detail, coupled with the synergy between the BMW brand identity and the cultural significance of the Shaheed Minar, resulted in an impactful content that the whole nation could relate to.


With a meticulously crafted content strategy, we successfully stirred a profound response from our audience and induced an unprecedented wave of social media buzz. In a remarkably short time, our content reached an impressive level of organic reach and engagement. By showcasing an innovative approach to content design, we were able to capture the audience's hearts and minds, instilling a sense of cultural pride and appreciation for linguistic diversity.

In a mere 24-hour span, the Facebook distribution score peaked at an impressive +5.8x, resulting in an extensive all 558,215 reach, a staggering 35,898 engagement and over 2,200 shares. The page garnered unprecedented popularity, with the brand registering as "Popular Now". All this was 100% organic with $0 spent on media. The content was trending on Instagram, as evidenced by the significant traction generated on the platform. Google trends data demonstrated a prominent surge in interest in BMW Bangladesh, reaching a maximum on 21st February.

The success of the content has reverberated throughout various marketing groups, with industry experts lauding its ingenious execution. The content has sparked a lively discourse in the design community, with people extolling its aesthetic allure and cultural significance. Some celebrities and influencers also shared the content, amplifying its reach. The synergistic alliance between COdesign Ltd and BMW Bangladesh stands as a resounding testament to the potential of leveraging data-driven insights, in-depth market research, and meaningful design to elevate cultural narratives and foster a deeper understanding of linguistic diversity. 


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COdesign, BMW Bangladesh


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