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Kohl's x ATTN: Who I Am

Entered in Multicultural Community Engagement


Our objective was to create engaging content that highlights how one can express cultural and personal identity through Kohl’s fashion. Kohl’s and ATTN: teamed up to create “Who I Am”  –– a social-first series focusing on individuals whose cultural identity is part of everything they do. This includes their personal style. We followed 6 women, documentary style – interviewing them in their homes, places of business  about how they use their closet to help express their identity, community, and/or heritage.

Strategy and Execution

We choose to shoot “Who I Am”  as a follow-doc with viewers witnessing our heroes in their element, on a day like any other, showcasing just how they express their cultural identity through Kohl's fashion. 

We featured Andrea Lausel who is a content creator, a disability advocate, and educator. She was born with spina bifida which affects the development of her spinal cord and her overall mobility. Andrea identifies as a queer disabled Boricua/Cubana. Though finding clothes that meet her specific needs is a challenge, she loves to illustrate her culture through her style any chance she gets. 

We also meet Amy Stretten – a  journalist, content creator, model and wardrobe stylist. She identifies as black, indigenous, and queer fem. Her identity is very closely connected to the work that she does particularly with her blog Chief of Style where Amy has cultivated a community of like-minded plus sized women looking to heal from the traumas of diet culture.  

Meet Milan Bell-Watts - a Doula, yoga instructor, and energy healer. She is on a mission to reduce racial inequality in maternal health care, and she also runs a retreat for women that is focused on the divine feminine. Her style is a reflection of who she is culturally and spiritually as an Afro-Haitian Black woman.

Skateboarder, surfer and artist Eliette Singleton shows what it means to celebrate your authentic self.  We learn more about her journey of self-discovery, personal style and self-love. We follow Eliette into the ocean, into the skatepark and into her home as we take a closer look at the ways in which her style has evolved as she has grown and become more confident in her body and her own unique identity. 

We also get a peek into the life of Bernie Molina – an award winning cookbook author, content creator and fifth generation foodie! Bernie comes from a long line of strong and resilient Mexican and Salvadorian women whose recipes and stories she keeps alive through her own cooking, writing and digital content creation. As one of five siblings she is no stranger to large family gatherings and for the holidays her family always goes big. She also loves holiday fashion and takes us through her favorite holiday looks. 

Lastly, we meet Toccara Ross - a professional basketball player, an entrepreneur, a writer and a mentor to young athletes. She is a first-generation American raised by her single Carribean mother, She has played professionally for over 10 years, and has traveled to over 100 countries and is currently a coach for a D1 women’s basketball team. She has created a life for herself on and off the court and is currently writing a book with insights and resources for young athletes to turn their passion for sport into a career - like she did. She shows us how her style is both masculine and feminine how those styles can co-exist.


We were excited to highlight a diverse set of women and kohls product, in an emotional tie-in that customers will have when seeing themselves reflected in Kohl's mission and message. 


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ATTN:, Kohl's


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