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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

IONIQ 5 “Evolves” EV

Entered in Integrated Campaign, Launch Campaign


The automotive industry is being redefined - new EVs launch every year and OEMs are actively trying to secure a leadership position. While the market share is still small, consumer demand is growing strong. Everyone is competing for consumer attention to keep up the momentum and traditional ways aren’t enough. Hyundai IONIQ 5 is the ultimate proof point of where our brand is heading — we have to share the progress we are making for all. With digital key, talk-to-text, and 300-mile range, the Hyundai IONIQ 5 represents our journey at its most evolved. 

The overall goal of the campaign was to drive awareness and consideration for IONIQ 5 through our full-funnel attack:

Strategy and Execution

Hyundai IONIQ 5 redefines the entire car experience. ​It’s not just a new car, it’s a new way of life. Once consumers experience all the 'hidden gems' of EV ownership, they never want to go back. Our strategy is to expose the ‘hidden gems’ of the IONIQ 5 and create desire.

The full potential of electrified vehicles remains undiscovered–it is perceived as a secret that only the elite understand​. EVs tend to have a higher price point and are mainly available to affluent buyers. Hyundai IONIQ 5 challenges this paradigm and brings the latest innovation mainstream. How can we create an integrated campaign to demonstrate how IONIQ 5 evolves your journey using the hidden gems of ownership as proof?

In this campaign, we follow Jason Bateman through time as he experiences the harshness of pre-modern-era life, from our first words as cave people, to roughing it in the old west. All in an effort to show just how far humans and technology have progressed with the arrival of the fully electric Hyundai IONIQ 5. 

The IONIQ 5 launch came during the Super Bowl season, but not in-game. So we used creative media placements to ensure the launch still grabbed the world’s attention during the high-profile ad season. Our work appeared in pre-Super Bowl time slots, launched unique elements on TikTok and collaborated with creators to make sure that, even though we weren’t IN-GAME, it sure felt like we were.

We also leveraged high-impact out-of-home boards and buses around SoFi stadium and placed across LA to create a strong presence for the IONIQ 5 on the ground surrounding the physical location of Super Bowl LVI–in turn, generating buzz and raising awareness for Hyundai during a peak time period.



With a total investment of 10.5M, Hyundai was able to reach a Super Bowl-sized audience at a lower cost point by buying spots within the AFC and NFC Championship games. In total, the combined campaign effort across all media earned 920MM+ impressions.

For the social media portion of the campaign, we captured viewers' full attention on TikTok by partnering with creators and leveraging spark ads. We also amplified with a One Day Max which earned over 50MM impressions with a 94% view rate. This was Hyundai’s first-ever One Day Max (ODM) and it significantly outperformed TikTok’s benchmarks, with the Video Completion Rate coming in 98% above TikTok benchmarks. For the creator “react” content, in which TikTok creators reacted to the Hyundai spot, the campaign drew in an additional 8MM impressions. By engaging TikTok creators in a clever partnership, Hyundai’s profile gained an impressive 7.3K new followers and 43K new profile visits.

Following the TikTok campaign, a Kantar Brand Lift Study showed the campaign outperformed both the Ad Recall norms by 8.5x and Brand Awareness norms by 3x in the Auto category–making it Hyundai’s most successful Brand Lift Study for any campaign it has run to date.



Video for IONIQ 5 “Evolves” EV

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INNOCEAN USA, Hyundai Motor America


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