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Instant delivery for everyone on Earth

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Zipline is the world’s first autonomous drone delivery system that is serving humans all over the globe. We set out to explain that Instant Delivery is transforming how we live our daily lives. Their mission is rooted in saving lives through medical supplies, but if it was only ever used for emergencies we’d be missing out on something that could improve our lives, and our environment, in countless other ways.


We set out to showcase Zipline as the industry leader for on-demand medical supplies delivery, and automated logistics, for everyone around the world. The plan then became: produce a powerful video that exposes Zipline to a broader audience outside of the automated logistics industry. 

This was ultimately going to be powerful in more ways than one; Illustrating their story for investors, B2B partners, governments, and potential hires. In parallel with Zipline’s operational expansion, we wanted to tell a compelling story about how taking on drone delivery of critical supplies in Africa positions them to take on larger markets and become the go-to provider for essential medical products and really products in general anywhere. 

Zipline is reinventing the logistics industry not just for the healthcare system but for retail and commercial operations in general. 

That is why Freethink was well positioned to tell this story on their behalf because we sit at the intersection of people being different and thinking differently to change the world.


1.5+ Million Video Views

211K Total Completed Views (75% or more of the video watched)

50K+ Engagements

There is also inherent value beyond the views. Zipline has used this video to transform their business for the better. Using it in recruiting practices, raising additional rounds of funding, in sales conversations with prospects, and finally in moral engagements.


Video for Instant delivery for everyone on Earth

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Freehink Media (Digital Publisher), Zipline


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