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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Inspiring Creators with the Motorola Edge

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One of the many features consumers consider when purchasing a smartphone is the camera quality. The Motorola Edge Creator series aimed to inspire content creators by providing smartphone videography and photography tips, while showing them the high-quality camera on the Motorola Edge devices.

As Instagram Reels became more popular over the past year and content creators continued coming to the platform for inspiration, Lenovo’s Corporate Social Media Team created short “how-to” videos using the latest Motorola Edge smartphones. Each video in the series started with a step-by-step tutorial on how the video or photo was created and ended with the results. Not only did we want our audience to be impressed with the quality of the camera, but we also wanted to give them a place to go for new content ideas each month.

Strategy and Execution

When the Motorola Edge 20 Pro launched in the beginning of 2022, we worked closely with Motorola’s Corporate Social Media Team to kick off an organic content series. Building on the success that we’ve seen with behind-the-scenes content on Instagram, we decided to build our own series and lean into a social-first way to show the latest features. With camera quality being one of the top features on the Motorola Edge product line, this was the perfect opportunity to bring our idea to life.

At the start of the series, we were producing tutorials for creators who wanted to make their content more exciting with video transitions. We needed to find a way to extend the life of this series without quickly becoming repetitive or stale. To overcome this, we worked with the Motorola team to make a list of camera features we could showcase each month.

We went on to make video tutorials that were specific to each feature on the camera app, including how to create light photography, how to shoot super slow-motion videos, and how to use the micro and macro photography features on the Motorola Edge devices.


We knew the series was successful based on the organic metrics. All posts were well above Lenovo’s average for likes, comments, and shares. Above all, we saw other creators using our audio and making their own videos from our tutorials.


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