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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Instagram for Business

Finalist in Short Form Video


Businesses see Instagram as a business growth driver and as a must-have in their marketing plan, but they do not think of the platform's tools first when looking for future opportunities for growth. Instagram was starting to be seen as less innovative and less ‘culturally relevant’ as it once was, especially compared to new competitor platforms that grab the headlines and draw marketers towards them. Instagram needed to reestablish itself with marketeers and show them that there is an expansive opportunity for business growth on the platform.

We needed to shift this audience perception by deepening their knowledge of Instagram’s innovative tools and solutions. We were asked to develop a visually disruptive and energetic activation to inspire and educate our EMEA audience about Instagram’s key products: Reels, Creators & Shopping. We needed to drive awareness of these tools so that businesses would consider adopting them as part of their marketing plans.

Strategy and Execution

We started with the knowledge that businesses believe the most unique and ownable part of Instagram is that it allows them to “connect with people through the things they love” (Instagram for Business Value Proposition Research, 2022). As a passion-led platform, Instagram allows brands to build lasting connections relevant to their customers’ interests and identity. We needed to get marketers in EMEA to see Instagram as a platform with the power to grow brands further by showing them how Instagram turns passion into action, using Reels, Shopping, and Creators as our proof points. 

We explored the real meaning of passion and action, and how they function on the Instagram platform. We realised that action is mandated by passion - a total inevitability of the experience. When people care about things deeply, that care is a catalyst to do something about it. It’s not passion if you don’t make it real through action. The moment of acting on it is what solidifies it.

We understood that is why Instagram is such a great platform – it provides a conduit for people’s natural propensity to act through their passions. And nearly every interaction on Instagram is set up to help people do this, with businesses playing a seamless role. Businesses on Instagram serve passionate individuals in endless ways – providing content to engage with (Reels), products to buy (Shopping), and creators to form relationships with around loved products, activities, and brands (Creators).

That led us to our core strategy & creative jumping off point: the insight that ‘Instagram is the spark that prompts the inevitable action behind every consumer passion’. We led the strategy, creative concept and design for the campaign and delivered a series of short form video ads, designed to engage, educate and inspire our audiences to see how Instagram Reels, Shopping and Creators can drive business growth. The ads featured a gamer and a musician, selected for their popularity amongst our target audience. We delivered 176 assets in 8 languages, across 10 markets across the EMEA region.


By seeing Instagram as a spark and a catalyst for action moments, we were able to deliver a series of short form video ads demonstrating how Instagram Reels, Shopping and Creators can drive business growth.

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Video for Instagram for Business

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AnalogFolk, Meta


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