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Insomnia Needs a Wake Up Call

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For years, the goal of insomnia management has been to get people to sleep at night without regard for their ability to fully function the next day. QUVIVIQ, the newest treatment for insomnia, could finally change what it means to live with insomnia for all those who continue to suffer when other treatments fall short. To ensure our customers understood the potential of QUVIVIQ to address both the night & day aspects of insomnia, we had to drive our customers to think differently about treatment goals and see insomnia as an ongoing sleep condition with a consequential impact on patients’ daily lives.

As the newest entrant to the consumer-led insomnia market saturated by generics and OTC treatments, we needed to show prescribers how QUVIVIQ could give insomnia the wake up call their patients so desperately need.

From our first unbranded communication through the branded launch of more than 160 tactics, our campaign utilized a single core communication across channels and audiences to drive cohesive physician-patient discussion about the night & day impact of insomnia and QUVIVIQ as the solution to address both. Our strategic omnichannel approach allowed us to reach our audience where they are, supplementing personal promotion through sales representatives with a channel mix that includes paid social media, display ads, professional network campaigns, email campaigns, and more.



We were tasked with executing an unbranded-to-branded omnichannel campaign that would ultimately redefine insomnia as a night & day condition and urge prescribers to rethink what’s possible in the treatment of insomnia. While sleep is a critical component of overall health, our key targets–primary care physicians–are inundated with information across a range of disease states. Our challenge would not only be differentiating QUVIVIQ and changing the conversation around insomnia management, but first capturing their attention and standing out in a crowded market.

To do so, we needed prescribers to engage with QUVIVIQ through non-personal tactics that would support traditional sales representatives and peer-to-peer interactions. Our integrated, customer-centered omnichannel experience was built using knowledge of prescribers’ preferred channels, their perceptions of insomnia treatment options, and their prescribing habits. These insights informed how we tailored our core communications across channels to maximize impact with prescribers.

As a new product in a consumer-led market, it was also critical to maintain interconnected communications across prescriber and direct-to-consumer efforts to drive the desired physician-patient discussion about QUVIVIQ. Our unified message about addressing the night & day impact of insomnia with QUVIVIQ was delivered at every touchpoint with all customers. This ecosystem of touchpoints was designed to work in tandem across the treatment journey to amplify our brand message and reinforce key QUVIVIQ data and points of differentiation.



The Insomnia Needs a Wake Up Call campaign introduced prescribers to QUVIVIQ through a best-in-class brand experience built on a channel-by-channel strategy designed to optimize our messaging and impact. In addition to traditional personal sales tactics, our omnichannel campaign featured a robust non-personal channel mix:



In a consumer-led market with multiple generic and over-the-counter options, driving urgency with our audience has been critical to building a foundation for the long-term success of the brand.


While personal, face-to-face interactions have been critical to QUVIVIQ adoption, when media exposure enters the mix, adoption jumps by +50%.

The impact on QUVIVIQ adoption from an integrated HCP marketing strategy is undeniable. Within the first month on market, more than 1500 providers across all 50 states prescribed QUVIVIQ to insomnia sufferers, many of whom were healthcare providers themselves.


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