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Inner Child

Entered in TikTok


Adobe tasked us with producing a relevant and engaging video on TikTok that celebrated the common themes and unique differences represented throughout Hispanic culture during Hispanic Heritage Month.


Embarking on a journey to understand the emotional pulse of the LatinX community, we assembled a team of experts to uncover a common thread that binds their hearts. Our discovery was awe-inspiring – the bond of nostalgia and the power of healing the inner child that is often addressed within the Hispanic community.

With this insight in hand, we joined forces with Vianney Harelly, a Hispanic photographer and writer, who was renowned for her healing poetry. Together, we created a video that showcased her powerful poetry, which delved into her personal journey of healing her inner child, weaving in nostalgia-evoking photographs of Mexico.

As the video came to life, it was clear that Adobe not only provides a platform for artists to create, but also to heal. With the brand taking a step back and letting the artist and her artwork take center stage, the message of healing through art and the power of Adobe's creative tools resounded loud and clear. This moving and compelling creation touched the hearts of many and further cemented Adobe's commitment to the LatinX community.


Our video ignited a spark of deep-seated emotions. Over 1.1 million organic views and a sea of 22,000 total interactions surged, showcasing the profound impact our content had. Viewers showered us with testimonials of pride, gratitude, and inspiration:

"As a Mexican living in Canadá, i felt this video way too much" 

"Thank You Adobe and Thank you Vianney for this poem, wow it hit home for me ❤️ I’m tearing up"

"Thank you for picking someone who many of us can relate too"


Video for Inner Child

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kvell collective, Adobe


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