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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

POV: you’re in the AWIT program

Entered in TikTok Presence

About this entry

The year 2022 was the first year that companies were returning to the office, while the construction sector continued to forge ahead at increasing rates as an essential service in the majority of jurisdictions – resulting in a significant “war-on-talent” across all disciplines – from site roles to functional services. .  The rationale for choosing TikTok as a communication tool for the public grew out of the following objectives:

  1. To be the first construction company in Canada to use TikTok for social media
  2. Looking for a platform that will target a younger demographic for jobs
  3. To grow Brand Awareness and enhance Aecon’s reputation
  4. We wanted to find a platform that could be easily customized
  5. Gather data to improve current campaigns and help find patterns in digital marketing for our audiences.
  6. Looking for a collaborative marketing tool that can interact with other sectors at Aecon and build partnerships to promote their brands globally
  7. TikTok was chosen for a few reasons: 

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Aecon needed to find ways to reach the Z Generation and build Brand Awareness on another social media platform. The solution was to use TikTok. Already engaged with LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, we needed to find an attention-getting, forward-thinking, fun and short platform!

Aecon used SWOT and competitor analysis to gauge where we stood in the digital landscape, giving us key areas to focus on: project updates, recruitment, and behind-the-scenes site access.

First, we needed to build a strategy for our first TikTok, targeting youth, women and other traditionally underrepresented groups looking for a career in construction.

Using storyboards, willing participants, interesting content, and work-back schedules ... we went to town. Our first TikTok is “The Day in the Life” of one of our female Aecon Women in Trades (AWIT) employees getting ready to start the day in 10 steps. We used a recent graduate of the program.

Since this was the first TikTok for Aecon, we launched an awareness campaign that included t-shirts, posters, flyers and postcards. This was strategically followed with a hashtag campaign, social media rollout across all platforms and an internal e-blast campaign.


For Brand Awareness, we considered tone, voice and juxtaposition in the workplace and construction realm.

Our AECON RED is particularly important to us, as it’s the most significant part of our logo and stands out from the other major competitors. It's also seen the most on highways, transit and other urban infrastructure across Canada, so this had to be noticeable in the clip. In our first TikTok, this was done using Aecon’s iconic hardhat featuring the Canadian flag throughout the clip. The hardhat has Aecon-specific branding and is forward facing in the last frame.

Same with our second TikTok focusing on our Transit Projects in the GTA. The logo appears on the screen again a few frames after, resonating in the viewer's mind and ensuring it's been noticed long after seeing it. The flickering effect is also highly effective and gets the viewer’s attention.


Being the first Construction company to pursue this, we had nothing to compare to.

Known as a construction company, in a sector typically labelled as conservative (and sometimes messy!) there was a concern about making the content “fun,” engaging and geared toward diverse, traditionally underrepresented groups.

With TikTok, the biggest challenge is getting your message out without words!

Breaking through the clutter of home or small business renovations (typically shown on TikTok), Aecon needed to present unique content focusing on our large infrastructure projects such as bridges, highways, transit, utilities, industrial and energy transition projects, and environmentally friendly equipment. Our people were the main focal point.


We have been recognized as the first construction company in Canada to use TikTok.

Within one month of having an account, we reached 100 followers.

After the first launch, we noticed an uptick in applications from the targeted younger demographic to diversity programs we have at Aecon, such as Aecon Women in Trades (AWIT) – over 200%.

Increase in social media shares by 40% from 2021 to 2022.

Aecon believes in engaging its people right away, and this was sent to all 12,000+ employees across the Company:

Aecon’s now on TikTok!

Aecon has launched an official TikTok channel to share more about our people and projects and why Aecon is the place to be for future talent.

Join our #AeconProud community @aecongroupinc and watch our first TikTok video featuring Aecon Women in Trades (AWIT) graduate Gabby gearing up to start her day on a utility project site in Whitby, Ontario!

If you don’t already, follow us across our other social media channels for more content and use #AeconProud when you engage with us online.

Don’t have social media? No problem!

Click on the link below to access our TikTok account.



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Aecon Group Inc


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