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From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

If I Was a Worm

Entered in TikTok


We embarked on a mission to create content for Amazon Alexa’s TikTok channel that would captivate Gen Z and drive channel growth and engagement, positioning Alexa at the center of culture.

Strategy and Execution

We explored deep into TikTok trends and uncovered a trend where couples were answering the question, "Would you still like me if I was a worm?" This trend was spreading like wildfire and bringing laughter and excitement to everyone's FYP.

We teamed up with a talented comedic couple to bring this trend to life in an epic way. We took it a step further and integrated the response into Alexa so when you ask, "Alexa, would you still like me if I was a worm?" Alexa responds with a warm and fuzzy, "Of course, and I'll always greet you with a worm welcome."


The video was a massive hit, racking up 1.6 million views and a staggering 30% engagement rate. People were delighted to see Alexa embrace the trend and bring it into their home devices in a unique and entertaining way. This video was a game-changer as it solidified Alexa as part of the cultural zeitgeist.


Video for If I Was a Worm

Entrant Company / Organization Name

kvell collective, Amazon Alexa99


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