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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

How Mavrck and Premier Protein Activated Creators Across TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, & Youtube

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Premier Protein’s mission is to give its customers the energy they need to get the most out of each day. With an array of nutrient- packed protein products, the brand promotes a healthy lifestyle that is authentic, passionate, and joyful.

In fall 2022, Premier Protein partnered with Mavrck to launch the #PumpkinSpiceYourLife influencer marketing campaign to highlight its seasonal Pumpkin Spice Protein Shake, which could also be used to make a custom pumpkin spice-flavored protein coffee. As autumn fans know, the pumpkin spice lifestyle is a culture unto itself — and its popularity is second to the spirit of the season. With this in mind, Premier Protein sought to capitalize on fall vibes through an influencer marketing campaign on TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube Shorts. 

In addition to promoting its Pumpkin Spice Protein Shake, Premier Protein also needed creators to drive brand awareness while promoting a sense of familiarity and trust through imagery and captions.

They aimed to drive consumer traffic to the Premier Protein website via this influencer-generated content (IGC) — thus contributing to clicks, purchases, and an increase in followers on the brand’s social media accounts — all of which laddered up to Premier Protein’s definition of a successful conversion.

Strategy and Execution

Mavrck knew that the campaign’s seasonality dictated a strict timeline; active communication would be key to making this campaign a success. But they also knew that in addition to logistics, specifying and activating the right influencer persona would drive the results the brand was looking for.

With the help of Mavrck, Premier Protein wanted to partner with creators who are actively working hard to make meaningful lifestyle changes to improve their overall health — a journey that would be evident through their content. 

These influencers would likely lead busy lives — much like Premier Protein’s target consumer — and would be looking for meal solutions that make their on-the-go lifestyle even easier without sacrificing their health. The brand sought creators with a social media presence that was highly approachable, body positive, and showed a noted interest in food and fitness. 

To accurately reflect its target audience, Premier Protein took strides to actively search for influencer partners with a range of follower counts, activity levels, physical abilities, body types, gender identities, careers, education, and ethnic backgrounds — showcasing that Premier Protein products are for everyone and that no one needs to fit a certain societal ideal to love themselves.

After finding a cohort of macro- and micro- influencers that are authentic, inspiring, and inclusive, Premier Protein knew the campaign would result in a range of creative IGC that would tell a story — with pumpkin spice protein shakes at the center of it all.

The brand got influencer partners excited by providing a broad campaign brief that encouraged creators to showcase how they “spice up their life” by adding the Pumpkin Spice Protein Shake to their recipes, thus developing an eclectic new creation. Baked goods, mocktails, hot chocolate, and more were all valid options — and influencers were encouraged to get as creative as possible while given the freedom to utilize trends, humor, or even day-in-the-life content. Content themes could even veer into other topics, such as focusing on workout routines alongside the product. As long as IGC was genuine, Premier Protein was happy to offer creative flexibility for this campaign.


Mavrck empowered Premier Protein to track clicks, purchases, and follower increases, all while running this campaign at scale. The campaign was eagerly received by creators, with 78 individual influencers participating — including @ketorecipes, @eatsbyramya, and @.alaynagrace on TikTok, @kissmyash_ on Instagram, and @IttyBittyFarmhouse on Pinterest. Altogether, these creators had a total audience reach of 23.2 million people.

This campaign yielded 144 original pieces of IGC for Premier Protein’s #PumpkinSpiceYourLife campaign. This content drove 2.7 million total impressions and 133,300 total engagements, resulting in a 5.2% average engagement rate across channels.

Mavrck’s Services team of experts was integral to this campaign’s success. The team built the campaign from scratch, handled creator sourcing and negotiation, communicated with all creator partners, coordinated content approvals, and arranged for payment fulfillment. Premier Protein supplied detailed draft review feedback, helped identify legal disclaimers that each piece of content needed to abide by, and took the lead on handling all product shipments to creators.

Together, Mavrck and Premier Protein made for an influencer marketing dream team, taking #PumpkinSpiceYourLife to a whole new level.


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