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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards


Gold Honor in Rebrand Campaign


In September 2022, Corel, a global software industry titan with more than 35 years of innovation, reintroduced itself to the world as Alludo. Enjoying 2.5M paid customer relationships in more than 130 countries, the company offers some of the world’s best-known software brands, including Parallels, CorelDRAW, MindManager, and WinZip. Although it boasted an enviable legacy, the brand also presented challenges as the business evolved. 

As CEO Christa Quarles said, “Joining in 2020, I came into a company with a deep history and impressive technology portfolio. But this business came with assumptions and narratives that no longer matched whom we had become. Today, we’re driving the future of work with a focus on connection, collaboration, and the cloud. It’s an enormous shift we’re excited to lead.”   

Enabling people to create, ideate, and share in ways like never before, and empowering productivity from anywhere on any device, the company had evolved dramatically. It was time for this transformed business to reintroduce itself to the world.

After more than a year of cross-team effort, the modern, visually stunning, and remarkably human Alludo brand was born. 

Alludo reintroduced itself with a new brand, identity, and voice that would faithfully represent its future and resonate with employees, customers, and partners around the world. A comprehensive #HelloAlludo! social media strategy – including new channels across major platforms, compelling content, powerful employee advocacy, and an approachable and inspiring tone – was essential to driving project success. Social results were impressive.

Strategy and Execution

The company created Alludo, a new corporate brand that modernized its identity and reflected a uniquely human and personal approach to its vision and mission. Success depended on authentically representing what the company is today, while also serving as the foundation to build what comes next.

The effort resulted in Alludo, an all-new brand that is a nod to our purpose: empowering all you do. Our solutions give people the flexibility and freedom to create, ideate, and share anywhere, anytime, on any device. We’re reimagining the future of work by turning prescriptive and limiting notions of 9-5 office work on their head.

Alludo was introduced globally with a modern, stunning visual identity, deeply human messaging, and dynamic experience. The brand reflects unique personality and productivity styles, represented by times of day. With a focus on empowering the individual knowledge worker, Alludo called its philosophy “Work3,” a new way of looking at work that challenges assumptions about productivity, recognizes the unique person behind the effort, and values freedom and flexibility for employees and customers.

Internal Campaign: Putting Alludo’s people at the forefront of this transformation, the employee campaign began 6 weeks before launch. Teammates received weekly Brand Battle challenges to inspire them under a new purpose “to empower all you do.” Employees were introduced to the company’s Work Better, Live Better values, reflecting Alludo’s people-first approach across all internal initiatives, ensuring the new brand felt authentic and meaningful. This fun and immersive employee experience generated exceptionally positive feedback with a comprehensive employee campaign including:

External Campaign: Compelling external marketing, social media, and PR programs told Alludo’s story with uniquely human messaging and visually stunning content. The team executed a comprehensive campaign including:

Marketing & PR Initiatives:

Impressive Social Media Execution:

Brand video debut on the Nasdaq Billboard on Times Square  


Social media was key to Alludo’s introduction. Success was achieved through a multifaceted approach drawing on a number of strengths:

In 4 weeks, the social advocacy program amplified the new Alludo brand with 537 social posts using #HelloAlludo. The posts reached more than 1 million people (thanks to employee advocates driving a remarkable 62%) with 3.8 million impressions – generating 5,000 engagements and 6,000 clicks. The posts also made up 75% of our engagements on LinkedIn (with impressive 110% engagement and 23% click through rates). Compared to the previous month, impressions were up 232% and engagements 52%, raising the overall engagement rate 20% and mentions 28%.

In 2 weeks, the campaign drove 3.5M video views (42% with the option to skip chose to watch, beating Google benchmarks by 10%), 30M video impressions, 3.5M impressions on Alludo social channels, and 2M #HelloAlludo impressions. Within the month of launch, the careers page also saw an impressive 5x lift.  


Video for #HelloAlludo!

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