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Gen Z is Pro Living

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Describe the idea driving the work and the specific goals that you set out to achieve. Limit to 250 words.

The objective of The Gen-Z is Pro-Living video campaign reclaims what it means to be “pro-life” by raising awareness of the necessary institutional changes needed to sustain life. The campaign utilizes Gen-Z social media influencers and celebrities to amplify the voices of communities that are disproportionately impacted by legislative inaction and the ecosystem of violence that oppression creates. We are focusing on what showing up for the living and “community care” looks like at a macro level.

We also want to push the existing rhetoric forward by making this a more holistic conversation – one that acknowledges the systemic issues that we are facing as it pertains to the gross militarization of our country, the insidious nature of toxic masculinity, the discriminatory impact of our current frameworks, and the overhaul that is necessary if we are serious about giving a shit about Gen Z – politically and socially. 

Our goal is to leverage our positions as Gen-Z leaders with access to educate, equip and activate our global community and prepare them to realize transformative social change through knowledge and action.

Strategy and Execution

How did you bring your project to life? Describe your plan of action, the execution and key features. Tell us about challenges you faced and overcame along the way. This is your opportunity to share how your work is unique. 

This video featured Gen Z leading activists, gun violence survivors, reproductive justice advocates, and thought leaders who articulated what a world that cares about the living actually looks like. 

Ultimately, this is a call to action to hold the right stakeholders accountable—our politicians, our policymakers, our dissenters, and our peers, and make people feel our anger in this moment, to reflect on the past, and to galvanize around the future that we deserve. 

Each cast member proposed what a viable solution looks like to them, based on the thematic areas they are interviewed on. However, we urged our audience to visit to learn more on how to engage with each systemic issue we covered in the video campaign. For example, audience members were asked to take steps by texting  RESIST to 50409 or talking to the bot on Telegram, Twitter, or Messenger. ResistBot connects individuals to their respective elected officials at the local, state, and federal levels. Users can use this platform to stay up-to-date on legislative action, sign petitions and send letters that make it directly to the offices of their elected officials and mobilize around issues more salient to them and their community

We identify violence as an evil supported by ignorance, desperation, and several societal deficits. We believe this campaign will challenge the logical frameworks of our nation’s leaders by adding humanity to politicized rhetoric and demonstrating actionable steps to remedy the systems of oppression that create and perpetuate violence.  

We will urge brands, CEOs, etc to start these conversations at a macro-level and operationalize equity in the workplace and through their CSR models.

Lastly, we will create a landing page for viewers to register to vote, donate, and learn more about the issues that we spoke about—separated by thematic area.

Our strategy relied on promoting community awareness and warning signs and how to (1) effectively intervene; (2) research on root causes and effective prevention strategies, and (3) sensible gun safety policy. 

The cast included prominent Gen Z figures like 

The key takeaways of the campaign were: 

  1. Being  pro-living means actually saving lives of the most vulnerable populations

  2. Being pro-living means creating spaces where diverse young people  can survive and thrive

  3. It’s time to significantly shift the pendulum – to move from demanding change to making the change finally happen


Explain how the results met your team's objectives. Why do you consider your efforts to be a success? 

 This video campaign was a major success! We received over 300,000 views across social media platforms and caught the attention of prominent celebrities like Kerry Washington, Rosario Dawson, and Mariah Carey. Viewers stated that they were empowered by this holistic view of addressing the topics like abortion access, gun control, anti-racism and other forms of systemic oppression under the umbrella of being “pro-living”.


Video for Gen Z is Pro Living

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JUV Consulting


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