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Gay People Get Their Dream Fashion Makeovers

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The objective of this video was to highlight the LGBTQ+ culture in a way that harnesses the positivity of love and appreciation through self-love. We took friends and co-workers in this demographic, interviewed them, and gave them makeovers that not only made them look good but feel even better. We were doing this while also focusing on our objective to share stories from the LGBTQ+ community.

Strategy and Execution

Our strategy for making this vision become a reality was quite simple. We found four friends and colleagues who identified as LGBTQ+ and invited them to our studio. Eugene Lee Yang, a fellow member of the gay community was the main host for this segment we called, “The Try Gays.” Eugene interviewed each of the guests, asking them how they grew up, where they came from, how they identify themselves, and how they got to where they are now. We focused the first portion of our video on this as a way to educate our viewers on the importance of uniqueness, and that everyone has their own upbringing - essentially letting everyone know that if they think they are alone, they are not. 

Next up in the video, Eugene takes a look at all of their wardrobes and how he thinks that they could improve on their style, with a few laughs along the way. We brought in a stylist to also take a look and hear our guests' tastes and styles. From this point, we brought back all of the guests and showed them what our stylist had come up with. Each guest tried on multiple items of clothing and commented how great they felt.

The final portion of our video was to reveal the new looks to our guests' loved ones, whether it be family or friends, and the results were amazing.


Through this video, the team was able to show the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community, and the impact of confidence and self-love in their personal journeys. The guests and their loved ones were able to walk away from filming feeling empowered and fulfilled.  The video and the message speak especially to the community that we’ve built at 2nd Try LLC, with fans that are diverse and positive.  The creators’ and participants’ experiences were the most important result that we drew from this regardless of views, hoping to speak to at least one person in the audience to allow them to feel seen and part of a judgment-free community.


Video for Gay People Get Their Dream Fashion Makeovers

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The Try Guys/2nd Try LLC

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