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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards


Winner in YouTube Partnership

Audience Honor in YouTube Partnership


A casual bet between gaming icons and creators SypherPK (6.5m YouTube subscribers) and Typical Gamer (13.2m YouTube subscribers) launched the global competition and YouTube content series #GamerVsWorld, uncovering the world's best unknown gamer. 

With the goal of launching a new line of Lenovo Legion 7 AMD Advantage Edition gaming laptop powered by AMD, #GamerVsWorld featured some of the most influential YouTube gaming creators in the world bringing the product to life in one of YouTube’s most popular challenge formats.

The series – with over 100 pieces of content reaching over 10 million viewers on YouTube and social – was developed and produced by Portal A, in partnership with Lenovo and AMD.

Strategy and Execution

#GamerVsWorld launched on the same day as the new Lenovo Legion 7 was released – helping to unveil Legion & AMD’s powerful gaming laptop to the world in an unforgettable test of skill.

The leadup to the #GamervsWorld Final Showdown included over 100 pieces of teaser content across YouTube and social platforms, distributed across 10+ creator and brand channels. One lucky (and extremely skilled) gamer received a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dethrone the Fortnite legend, SypherPK. 

The competition started with SypherPK making a bet with his close friend Typical Gamer that he can find an unknown gamer somewhere in the world (aka the Challenger) who might be good enough to beat Typical Gamer at Fortnite. 

From there, Sypher embarks on a global search – with the help of an international crew of 10+ gaming Creators (aka the Ambassadors) with a flurry of social posts, YouTube videos, and live streams – to uncover the best fresh faces in the gaming industry. Ultimately, this led to an epic IRL Showdown between the Challenger and Typical Gamer called #GamerVsWorld.

The Challenger was FishaGG, an up-and-coming Fortnite streamer from Norway who took on Typical Gamer in the Showdown with a series of classic YouTube challenges – including ice baths, slime drops, blind taste tests, and much more.


With over 100 pieces of content, the gaming community celebrated #GamerVsWorld from challenge to showdown. 

The campaign reached more than 10 million organic views; 600,000 unique comments + social engagements; 100,000 live stream viewers; and hit 2 of the top trending videos spots across YouTube at launch. 

On YouTube, there was 99.7% positive comment sentiment, an average view duration of 9:50 on the Final Showdown (44% higher than the channel average); an average engagement rate of 10% (more than 2x channel benchmarks); and over 450,000 hours of total watch time.


Video for #GamerVsWorld

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Portal A, Lenovo


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