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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Game Pass Has PC Games

Entered in Gaming, Integrated Campaign


PC Game Pass gives players access to hundreds of great titles and allows you to play the biggest hits on day one. And while millions of Xbox console players were already enjoying the service, many PC gamers hadn't yet keyed into the great offering or associated Game Pass with PC at all.

Our objective was two fold:

Break through to the PC gaming audience who are adverse to traditional marketing tactics.

And make sure that PC gamers know that Game Pass has PC games.

Strategy and Execution

Consumers (gamers especially) have gotten particularly skilled at seeing through traditional marketing and social advertising.

But we also know that these players love playing games day one.

So how do we reach PC players, drawing awareness and buzz around PC Game Pass day one titles?

First, to stand out from the general marketing buzz, we deploy Game Pass' uniquely self-aware tone. If most of a game's marketing hits the nail on the head, we're a little off kilter. Still complementary, but standing out to get the attention of PC players.

We share this message in the places these players go to learn about titles in the leadup to launch. From the sources they trust most by partnering with the creators they love and trust to build credability around our message.

Partnering with content creators of every size, creating cross-channel content, and making an impact on the social conversation. Game Pass Has PC Games.


With millions of views across social, we're getting the word out to make day-one hits synonymous with Xbox Game Pass.

Over the 2023 fiscal year, PC Game Pass subscribers grew by 159%.

Wherever players are joining conversations to discuss new games, we're there - letting them know that Game Pass Has PC Games.


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Mutiny, Microsoft


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