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Scaling an Fashion Brand from $3 to $8m at 10x ROAS

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Our agency was thrilled to partner with Hampden Clothing, a fashion boutique business, in June 2021.

The client had expressed dissatisfaction with their previous ads agency and approached us with clear goals of increasing profitability, revenue goal of $5M by the end of 2022 which we over achieved and hit $8M with ROAS greater than 5x, marketing performance, and as well as diversifying ad platforms in light of the challenges presented by iOS14.

Our team immediately set to work creating a comprehensive plan to achieve these objectives.

We focused on developing a solid paid social, paid search, and conversion rate optimization strategy to drive growth and revenue. Our approach was based on a deep understanding of the client's target audience and market, and we leveraged data and insights to drive informed decision-making.

In addition, we recognized the importance of strong communication with our client and made it a top priority to provide daily updates and transparent reporting. We understood that keeping our client informed and involved was key to a successful partnership, and we worked closely with the client to refine our strategy and tactics as needed.

Strategy and Execution

Our agency is proud to have developed a robust multi-channel ad strategy for our client, resulting in impressive growth and success. We recognized that driving traffic from Google, Facebook, and Pinterest Ads would be key to expanding the client's reach and profitability.

However, we also identified an issue with the client's Add to Cart and CVR rates, which were below 0.30%. This would have made paid advertising more expensive, so we conducted a comprehensive CRO audit to identify and address any potential barriers to conversion.

For our Facebook Ads strategy, we focused on driving new visitors and customers to the website by utilizing a wide range of creative approaches. We understood that creating compelling and engaging content was key to capturing the attention of our client's target audience.

In developing our Google Ads strategy, we took a full-funnel approach, targeting both new customers and remarketing to those who had already engaged with the client's brand. Our approach was data-driven and based on a deep understanding of the customer journey.

Finally, we recognized the unique opportunities presented by Pinterest Ads, given that the platform is primarily female and users spend an average of 5 minutes seeking new outfit ideas. We developed a full-funnel approach to leverage this platform effectively and maximize its potential.

As a result of our efforts, our client has seen significant growth in traffic and revenue. Our multi-channel approach, combined with a focus on CRO and engaging creatives, has allowed us to achieve outstanding results.


Our agency is proud to have achieved exceptional results for our client through our highly effective paid marketing campaigns. By leveraging Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Pinterest Ads, we were able to help our client achieve outstanding ROI and drive significant revenue growth.

In our Facebook Ads campaign, we implemented an ad spend of $1M, which resulted in a remarkable 7.71x ROAS and a CPA of just $112. Our Google Ads campaign was equally impressive, with an ad spend of $291K, a 8.26x ROAS, and a CPA of just $40.44. Even on Pinterest Ads, where the audience is predominantly female and presents unique challenges, we achieved impressive results. With an ad spend of $113K, we achieved a 4.99x ROAS and a CPA of $105.40. From June 2021 to Dec 2022

Our approach was driven by a deep understanding of our client's target audience and market. We leveraged data and insights to optimize our campaigns and maximize ROI. We also focused on conversion rate optimization to ensure that our client was getting the most out of their advertising spend.

Thanks to our expertise and data-driven approach, our client was able to achieve exceptional results. We helped them to drive significant revenue growth and achieve a remarkable ROAS across all platforms. 


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Rozee Digital, Hampden Clothing


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