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First date with the Lenovo 2-in-1

Entered in TikTok


As a longstanding branded content partner with Ziff Media Group, BrandX had already produced a high volume of written and video-based branded content for Lenovo. Trusting our guidance to try out branded content on a new platform that resonates with both Mashable’s audience and the younger Gen Z demographic Lenovo was looking to reach, we pitched them a series of custom TikToks. 

This was our first TikTok campaign produced for any advertising partner, and we knew Lenovo was the perfect partner to launch with, given their own TikTok account having a huge following for its humorous content approach. Lenovo’s main goal here was visibility, views, and brand recognition for a suite of their consumer-focused laptops and tablets, including the Yoga 9i 2-in-1. Our goal was to launch a successful, first-to-market TikTok campaign with one of our most strategic partners, that could become the model for a new sellable content opportunity for our sales team.  


Breaking into TikTok, the Wild West of social media, is hard — not only for influencers looking to start the newest dance trend, but also for advertisers seeking that elusive sweet-spot of genuine-yet-effective advertising. On an app known for its authentic and funny content and not overly pitchy advertisements, keeping it organic feeling was a must, but we still wanted to establish brand and product recognition amongst viewers. We knew we had to do something fun and scroll-stopping for our first TikTok campaign ever.

Some clients are straight-laced, but we knew Lenovo was a fun brand, and not afraid to poke fun at the zeitgeist or internet dating culture. Taking a risk for the risqué, we pitched them a tongue-in-cheek idea: someone going on a date with Lenovo’s Yoga 9i 2-in-1 laptop, using the punchline “I can go four ways” to highlight the versatility of the product, while also grabbing — and holding — the attention of a young-adult audience on a social media platform known for being witty, fun, and, let’s face it, ideal for those with shorter attention spans. 

We didn’t expect them to go for this concept fully, but we knew it was worth a try. Having a unique angle is a crucial must-have for any successful TikTok video, and a first-date + high-tech laptop combo is quite the unexpected pairing. We aimed to talk about tech specs in a witty and genuinely funny way that viewers would relate to — not something entirely unfamiliar to us, but on TikTok specifically, this was uncharted territory.

The risk was worth it, and Lenovo loved the idea. We were then tasked to execute. We dove in head first, leaning into pop culture, dating, life, and innuendoes to communicate tech specs that can otherwise sometimes be dry and not attention-grabbing. We also leveraged our own in-house talent — instead of going an influencer route — to clearly connect Lenovo’s brand and our audience as organically as possible.

Using a green screen and props, we created a café atmosphere for a classic, relatable first date scene. Personifying a laptop was an initial challenge, but we brought the device to life by using stop motion and adding cheeky text — and the iconic horny emoji — onto the 2-in-1’s screen in post-editing. In doing so, we emphasized the specs and tech highlights, and showed the device wooing its date into asking for the check to leave together after finding out it can “go four ways.” 

Who says great tech can’t be thirsty?


The overall objective was ROAS, views and brand recognition. We hit it out of the park.

We overperformed on metrics while delivering a first-to-market video to reach a younger audience on a new platform for us: TikTok. This video was one of a three-part series we did for Lenovo; all three videos greatly exceeded the benchmark view rate of two seconds. This video specifically had a 62.64% two-second completion rate — far exceeding the platform’s benchmark of  ~31% to 47%.

And as for those TikTok viewers with short attention spans? We caught their attention, all right: 14% of our viewers had a 100% completion rate. Fifty-one percent of viewers watched 50% or more of the video. 

TikTok gave us a “best in class” shoutout, using Mashable x Lenovo as a shining example for other publisher partners to showcase how brands and publishers should be engaging with their audience. TikTok also alerted us that our video was being featured in their Top Ads as a case study for other businesses.

Because Lenovo loved the content and overall engagement from our risk-taking creative, they have extended their partnership to include larger opportunities outside of ROAS goals with us.


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Mashable, BrandX, Lenovo


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