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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Everywhere Work. Elevated.

Finalist in Rebrand Campaign



After a pandemic-fueled, hasty shift to a remote workplace, organizations are increasingly making the change permanent—and that means moving from vulnerable stop-gap solutions to comprehensive, secure, seamless platforms. That’s where we come in. Ivanti offers a rich set of solutions for the new Everywhere Workplace with its leading cloud-to-edge platform, Ivanti Neurons. Ivanti is uniquely positioned to enable and secure flexible workplaces for everyone, wherever they are. We deliver on our mission of elevating Everywhere Workplace through a combination of product integration and innovation. Ivanti has evolved into a successful brand with over 40,000 customers, representing 96 of the Fortune 100, however, it was not without challenges. 

After the strategic acquisition of four separate companies, we were tasked with integrating the cultures, products, and visions into one Ivanti. We’ve worked hard to foster alignment and a strong, fully reimagined brand, despite our quick growth. It is through a comprehensive collaboration, the innovative, human-centered Ivanti brand was born.  

In its reintroduction to the world, it was critical for our success to develop an extensive strategy that leveraged compelling content, employee advocacy, and engagement on channel platforms, primarily social media. We are remote-work enthusiasts at the core and are excited to keep pace with the world as it evolves new challenges for our customers. Today, we’re proud to say that our brand embodies the values of our whole organization, rallying under one critical mission: to make the Everywhere Workplace possible so that people and organizations can thrive. 

Strategy and Execution

As a global team, we’re well-versed in remote work and collaborating with teams across different time zones. The Everywhere Workplace culture comes authentically to us, and we feel privileged to help other organizations embrace this new world of work. As part of the brand revitalization, Ivanti updated its corporate language and colors to bring our purpose to life across every touchpoint. With a new slogan that encompasses the benefits of IT and security that self-heals, self-services, and self-secures, Ivanti has transformed its brand into one that blends groundbreaking technology with a deeply human core. 

Internal Campaign: The merging of four distinct cultures under the Ivanti brand created the perfect opportunity to unveil our Everywhere Workplace culture. On the Ivanti Everywhere Intranet, employees participated in the “Brand Battle.” The week-long challenge encouraged employees to explore engagement and learn the importance of our values, unifying all employees under one purpose. Activities included creating memes, sharing photos of their Everywhere Workplace, and taking a personality quiz that told them which color of the Ivanti brand they most embodied.

Employees are our first customers, and we encourage them to participate in our Employee Advocacy Program. This initiative is designed to keep Ivantians and others informed and invested in our mission while amplifying our reach across various social platforms. In 2022 alone, the program allowed us to reach a global audience of over 118 million people, with over 75% of Ivanti staff actively participating.

External Campaign: The Ivanti team also focused on several strategies to augment existing brand elements and accelerate brand innovation.

Ivanti conducted the Everywhere Workplace report to better understand the future of work and what the “Everywhere Workplace” really means. Over 6,100 office and IT professionals were surveyed in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, and Australia. We also collaborated with leading "Future of Work" experts to understand their attitudes toward remote work, points of disagreement among different demographics, and specific benefits and concerns experienced thus far. The report provided incredible results that uncovered employee sentiments with thoughtful and candid responses.

With a large collaborative effort, we created the Value Driver video series to accurately reflect employee values while delivering meaningful, relatable content for our audience.  The goal was to clarify how Ivanti Neurons enables organizations to thrive in the age of everywhere work.




The rebrand launch resulted in 20.3 million impressions, 81,000 site visits, more than 6K distinct accounts engaged, and 75.5K visits to the landing page. Ivanti also hosted a three-day virtual event with keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and summit speakers, to engage customers and partners in the new purpose-driven brand. These efforts drove $38.2 million in pipeline attribution, $5.9 million of which converted to won deals.   

Brand Battle

With more than 850 employees actively participating internally and through social media, the Brand Battle received 1.5 million impressions on social media, an increase of over 700 followers, and 500 shares. 

Everywhere Workplace Report

Within three weeks, 151 articles covered the report, including 14 top-tier outlets such as Forbes, Inc., The Business Journals, and Computer Weekly with a potential reach of over 250 million. We also hosted a Satellite Media Tour, where our spokespeople and Future of Work experts offered additional insight. 44 broadcast and radio segments were publicized, reaching a total audience of 40,179,755. SMT web posts potentially reached 691,560,710 people with supporting content on social media gaining over 2.1 million impressions.

Everywhere Workplace Challenge

More than 400 Ivanti employees shared photos of their workspaces and interests during the Everywhere Workplace Challenge, resulting in 1,15K link clicks. 

Value Driver Series 

On Ivanti’s social accounts, the videos reached an organic audience of 35,000 with a 3.4% engagement rate. Through our Employee Advocacy program, the videos had an impressive reach of nearly 600,000 organic views in the first two months of the video's release.  



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