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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Disney+ Is Now In Turkey!

Entered in Brand Awareness Campaign


We wanted to create a strong awareness in the market of the digital platform, where competition is very strong and dozens of new content meet the audience every day. Research has shown that people think of Disney as a brand that only produces family & children's content. Given the fierce competition, we needed to immediately alter this perception that would set us back. We used a variety of different projects and content in our launch campaign to reach individuals over the age of 16 who are subscribers to one or more streaming services in Turkey. Before the launch, Disney+ had only 5% awareness in the Turkish digital content platform market.

Strategy and Execution

We advanced the launch in 3 phases in order to complete the objectives that are the target of the launch, and to overcome the barriers that may arise.

We said 'Create Excitement' in phase 1 and we excited the masses with the message “They are coming.” We achieved high access by planning the use of spots, sub-bands, generics, and advertorials on television in accordance with the viewing habits of our audience. We caught our audience with social media usage, countdowns on sites, preroll, masthead usage, and in-game advertisements. We started the countdown with 29 macro influencers and increased the excitement of the masses. We were everywhere in the open air, supporting this visibility with huge walls.

In phase 2, we said 'Explain Yourself' and we created a visual world with contrasting content to make feel that there is something for everyone not just the family & kids by saying 'more than you imagined'. We wanted everyone to see us on June 14, the beginning of our broadcasting life. We got a high reach in premium areas like YouTube masthead, TikTok Top View, and Twitter TT. While promoting the platform with top publishers at the same time as the Twitch roadblock, we announced the launch of the platform with the organic participation of over 1000 publishers with the live broadcast advertising model. With our technology partners, we adapted the data of users who saw our outdoor advertisements to our digital plans and provided frequency optimization.

In phase 3, we said 'Create Expectations' and with 13 famous brand ambassadors of Turkey, we said “If you are ready, here we go” to turn the target audience into platform consumers. We have increased the reach with uses such as masthead, One Day Max, Topview, and coordinated with television. We caught the attention of each celebrity by personifying their fan base digitally and we gave them the message 'all the names you love are here, wait for the projects we will realize together'.


In total, we achieved over 90% reach while emphasizing the diversity of content with the management of 65 different creatives.

The perception of “The platform has content for adults…” in the target audience increased by +8 points in June compared to February. We have been talked about a lot on social media even our main competitor tried to interact with us. By increasing our unaided awareness level by +20 points during the campaign period, we achieved the highest increase among the launch countries in the relevant period. Disney+ is much more than you ever imagined.


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Publicis Groupe Turkey, Disney+

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