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Decision Duets

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Banking with Capital One is easy…like the easiest decision in the history of decisions, easy. It’s opting-for-the-window-seat-over-the-middle-seat-on-an-airplane easy. It’s choosing cake for dessert over garbage. It’s picking rock star Slash for your garage band over your buddy Steve. Sorry, Steve.

We set out to showcase how easy banking with Capital One is by tapping into influencers who could compare banking with Capital One with an easy decision they make in their own lives. Our goal? Drive awareness and consideration of Capital One as a bank.

Strategy and Execution

We set out to find the perfect creators to bring this idea to life. We wanted to find people who were already creating content in line with our vision rather than asking them to force fit the idea into their existing work. Finding influencers who not only resonated with our core audience but also could make our vision come to life in an authentic way took a lot of digging and creative thinking. Ultimately, we landed on the perfect roster of creators to showcase their own easy decisions:

Bosco—a dog influencer (yes, you read that right) that loved very big sticks. His owner had him choose between pizza, peanut butter, and a stick, and you’d better believe he picked the stick! 

La’Ron Hines—known for interviewing a hilarious cast of kids. He asked students if they prefer broccoli or ice cream…and let’s just say the decision was an easy one! 

Baddie Winkle—the most stylish grandma in town. Baddie picked between an outfit that was understated and an outfit that was over-the-top extra. Her easy decision? Extra, of course!


Capital One was looking to drive awareness and consideration. And, drumroll, please…we did it. Users loved how simple our messaging was and hearing from creators in an authentic way. Our target audience engaged with the work in positive ways that further proved that the work broke through the clutter of social. 

Want more proof? We’ve got the stats: 


TL;DR: This campaign was a success! 


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GSD&M, Capital One


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