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From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Charlie Puth on Finding His Sound

Bronze Honor in Product Feature Video


Our objective was threefold: Feature the product in an authentic and entertaining way, introduce Charlie Puth as a Bose partner, and promote Charlie's upcoming album. 

Our goals were also threefold: Get views, drive conversation, and increase general brand interest.

Strategy and Execution

To do the aforementioned, we focused on the concept of "finding one's sound" as an artist, which strategically aligns with Bose - a brand dedicated to sound, and helping everyone find theirs. The work tells the story of Charlie's musical journey, from Charlie, the young talent, to "Charlie," his recently released self-titled album. We interviewed Charlie about his journey and allowed his responses to construct our narrative arc. We built a series of vignettes to represent the different arenas of Charlie's life, and then embellished them with animated illustrations inspired by his upcoming album's artwork to help viewers feel as if they were getting a glimpse inside the creative machine that is Charlie's brain. 

Regarding Charlie's journey to find his sound, we included 10 easter eggs that directly reference highlights from his career, including past album art, music videos, lyrics, and personal anecdotes. Can you spot them all? (Like Brady appearing in the picture frame on the wall...)

The song "Left and Right" was the perfect track to promote his upcoming album and highlight the capabilities of the Quiet Comfort 45 headphones. It gave us the liberty to explore novel sound design within the video itself, and along with the visuals, ultimately highlight the product's design & fit, stereo capabilities, and state-of-the-art sound cancelling technology without it appearing like a traditional product feature video. 


Video best viewed using headphones; Bose QC 45's recommended.


The video was pushed out across social and received an exemplary response. The TikTok received 26 million views, 320.5 thousand likes, 781 shares, and 1,529 comments. The Instagram Reel received 5.7 million views, 328.6 thousand likes, and 1,687 comments. Sentiment was positive, with fans sharing their excitement for the upcoming album, praising Charlie's talent, and calling out Bose for producing their favorite piece of branded content featuring Charlie. Within the first 24 hours, fan accounts on Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok had taken screenshots from the video and used them for profile pictures. Fans on Twitter and YouTube were picking up on the easter eggs, claiming the video was giving them "deja vu." Positive sentiment about the product was also shared by users across Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter, touting the noise cancelling technology and overall sound quality, specifically calling out the sound design of the video as an excellent showcase of the product's capabilities. 


Video for Charlie Puth on Finding His Sound

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160over90, Bose

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