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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Charging Toward the Future

Entered in Branded Content


In partnership with Kia, The Weather Channel television network and Pattrn, its climate focused brand, produced an original content series titled CHARGING TOWARD THE FUTURE. Tapping into Pattrn’s unique storytelling capabilities, the series champions the importance of climate change while showcasing Kia’s fuel and sustainability efforts to improve our environment. The “Charging Toward the Future” content series integrates Kia's new electric vehicle offerings and how future innovation will benefit drivers. Stepping beyond auto manufacturing stories, the series showcases Kia’s direct evolution in product development and profiles grassroots efforts taken to better the planet by saving endangered species and addressing consumers’ concerns who are considering shifting from gas to electric.

Strategy and Execution

In developing the content series, it was important to identify storylines that would resonate with The Weather Channel and Pattrn viewers and secure heightened brand awareness for Kia. Early on in the development process we identified the need to wrap messaging in easy to understand short stories and to highlight Kia’s sustainability actions beyond just manufacturing such as their efforts to save endangered sea turtles to drive better ecosystem balance.

“Charging Toward the Future” included a 3-part original series integrating Kia’s sustainability officer and Kia vehicle innovation, portrayed through integration of brand-led content and live filming on behalf of The Weather Channel and Pattrn. Opening the door to invite Kia into the production room allowed the brand to tell their story first-hand driving authenticity.

Content premiered on The Weather Channel television network during its daily Pattrn show, and was distributed across Pattrn social platforms and the Pattrn FAST streaming channel. Each segment was between 2-3 minutes in length and included an open branded title card and integration of Kia vehicles throughout. Along with on-air promotion, the "Charging Toward the Future" series was also promoted on Pattrn social pages including Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Content posted on Pattrn social included custom post copy with Kia’s social channels tagged.

A notable challenge that influenced content development was incorporating complex concepts. The ever-changing technology behind electric vehicles, combined with the complexity of sustainability, presented an opportunity to leverage editorial storytelling to educate viewers about sustainability – which is a key pillar of The Weather Channel and Pattrn brands. Through Pattrn’s dynamic storytelling, viewers were able to visually conceptualize how Kia’s innovation and sustainability efforts correlate to customers’ environmental concerns and priorities.


The “Charging Toward the Future” series totaled nearly 6 million impressions across all platforms. Engagement on social over delivered goals by double digit percentages.

When streamed on the Pattrn FAST channel – across, Local Now, Tubi and Plexi – the “Charging Toward the Future” series garnered completion rates over 96%. 

When airing on The Weather Channel during its daily Pattrn show, the “Charging Toward the Future” content successfully kept the viewing audience engaged. In fact, the “Charging Toward the Future” content delivered 36.1% higher audience than the previous 10 minutes of programming attributed to the organic and endemic story within the network.


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