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From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Can I Post This?

Finalist in Short Form Video

About this entry

Photoshop Express, Adobe’s photo-editing mobile app, tasked us with creating social content that connects with Gen Z, shows off the app’s ability to edit facial features in a culturally relevant way, and drives app downloads.

Our challenge was finding an effective way to showcase the facial editing features to a Gen Z audience, who highly values transparency and condemns excessively editing photos, especially when it involves altering someone's appearance to attain an unrealistic standard of perfection.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

We identified a brilliant opportunity to showcase the unparalleled power of Photoshop Express’ facial editing features by tapping into a trend where Gen Z-ers prank a loved one by sending them an edited photo of themself and asking them if they could post it on social. Partnering with a content creator genius, we brought this trend to life in a way that was both authentic and captivating. Witnessing the creator use the app to slightly distort their friend's face and then text the photo to said friend, the audience was treated to a side-splitting reaction that was nothing short of pure humor.

This was a defining moment for Photoshop Express where they not only showcased their facial editing features in a way that connected with Gen Z in a meaningful way, but also leveraged a trend that was already familiar and loved. A truly innovative approach that will go down in Photoshop Express history as a win for connecting with the audience in a fun and impactful way.


The "Can I Post This" video was a breakthrough for Photoshop Express, skyrocketing app installs by 1001% compared to the paid ad set average and leaving a lasting impact with 6.1 million impressions, a staggering 771% above the campaign average. To top it off, the CPI decreased by a remarkable 16%, delivering unbeatable results.


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kvell collective, Adobe Photoshop Express


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