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Burger King x Coolr. Nick Pope Goes Viral

Finalist in Real Time Response


As part of our ongoing social retainer with Burger King UK, we are always looking for proactive and reactive opportunities to get the brand noticed on Twitter. 

Our ultimate goal is always the same: to create a moment in popular culture and get Burger King UK trending on Twitter. 

Friday, August 12th, will go down in history as the day Newcastle United goalkeeper Nick Pope broke the internet, but not for his on-field performance. 

It started as a simple poll, posted by the Coolr Burger King UK social team, asking fans what was better ‘tomato or gherkin’. This triggered a Twitter meltdown and sparked a viral cultural moment. 

Fuelled by Newcastle fan account @ToonPolls, our ordinary tweet unleashed a Twitter storm which we were able to blow up even bigger and play to our advantage.

In a matter of just six and a half hours, Nick Pope became an internet sensation, Burger King UK was the number one trend on Twitter, mentions and positive sentiment of Burger King UK went through the roof, while hundreds of brands got in on the action, and the story spilled over into the national press.

Strategy and Execution

Our strategy was to make Burger King UK part of everyday popular culture and get involved in a social conversation - which isn’t overly branded and goes beyond burgers and food.


August 12th was a big day for Nick Pope (!) but an even bigger day for Burger King UK. We smashed all our objectives, from making Burger King part of everyday culture, to trending on Twitter. 

Oh and for the record, gherkin came out on top in the poll, taking 52.5% of the 14,047 votes cast.


Video for Burger King x Coolr. Nick Pope Goes Viral

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Coolr, Burger King


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