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From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards


Finalist in Humor


Move over Brad Pitt. The real heartthrob hero of this train is Momomon. And it’s time we made her a TikTok star. 

Our objective was to bring Momomon to the audience we thought would most appreciate her: TikTok. In this delightfully weird digital playground, we let Momomon live her best life and bring awareness to the movie of the summer, Bullet Train through elevated humor and sophisticated snark. And it got weird.

Strategy and Execution

We launched Momomon’s very own TikTok channel for fans to get to know the real Momomon. She may be playful, adorable, and love dancing… but when it comes down to it, Momomon will cut you. Playing in this unhinged, slightly dark comedic tone is where we could really connect with more discerning comedy fans. And in her voice, we were free to dig deeper into the ironic, the macabre, and the twisted wild hilarity that makes Bullet Train so original.

Momomon may be peripheral to the movie’s narrative - she’s the cute and cuddly mascot - but in her world, Momomon’s a star. To her, she is the main attraction and Brad Pitt, Bad Bunny, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Joey King are simply just the side characters. 

Momomon is physical comedy gold on-camera, but she’s even wilder and weirder in your comments. We scrutinized trends and exploited the functionality native to TikTok to have Momomon duet popular videos and do video responses to comments from fans. Her unfiltered irreverence blossomed when she began interacting with fans and indulging in the meta-comedy of her Bad Bunny obsessions. 

We reached well beyond our core audience through deliberate work with Bad Bunny, engaging his fans. We further built on Momomon as a character in partnership with the NBA Finals, where she was featured in spots with Lonzo Ball, Trey Young, and Damian Lillard. 

Besides playing into fans of our cast, we also played into specific communities on TikTok such as NailTok, CookingTok, and AstrologyTok. We had her play ping pong with a katana, try her hand at being a chiropractor, and experiment with ASMR. We reveled in Momomon’s free spirit while using her obsession with her co-stars as a chance to organically refocus her content promoting the movie. She made reaction videos to the trailers, caused havoc in front of every Bullet Train movie poster encountered, and stalked her crush Bad Bunny with rabid enthusiasm. 


Both fans and filmmakers loved Momomon. We pushed creative beyond the broad audience boundaries made for other social platforms. Momomon let us play freely from behind the guise of a thirsty homicidal mascot. She gave us the license to dive deeper into the wild subcultures within TikTok. She was a total success, firmly establishing Bullet Train with a younger audience as an original, clever comedy. By creating 60 original videos, we took this unknown character to 300K+ likes and more than 115K followers.


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Sony Pictures Entertainment


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