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Building Community & Establishing Authority with the NoGood Brand

Bronze Honor in TikTok Presence


The primary objective of our NoGood TikTok was to increase NoGood’s brand awareness and further establish authority in the growth marketing space. Through educational brand breakdowns, timely reactive responses and evergreen marketing tips, we looked to position our agency as the best-in-class team of growth experts that have both the knowledge and the resources needed to help our clients achieve their goals. 

Although TikTok is traditionally a top of funnel platform best used for generating awareness, we also aimed to use our channel to generate client leads. We looked to leverage all our brand channels as a way to drive traffic to our website — and TikTok is no exception. By maintaining a steady cadence of content and keeping ourselves top of mind in the agency space, we see our TikTok as an effective way to strengthen awareness before potential leads reach the MoF or BoF stage. 

Our TikTok is also a space for us to demonstrate our company culture and share a perspective on how our employees collaborate with one another. We see our channel as one of many ways for us to recruit talent, with a particular focus on reaching talent for our TikTok content creator intern or TikTok studio content creator roles. Talent will see and understand the standard and type of content that is expected of them if they apply to join our TikTok team. 

Strategy and Execution

Our NoGood community team developed a proprietary content pillar strategy with a focus on continuous value delivery to the growth, marketing, and design communities. We designed our content buckets to include a combination of content for reach (i.e. reactive and trendy content), and content for credibility (i.e. evergreen marketing expertise and education brand breakdowns). These content buckets allow our team to create serialized content based on previously high-performing assets, so that we are responding to and building on the content that our target audience wants to see. Our multi-pronged approach to content types also forms an organic and sustainable content growth loop, wherein content for reach brings in new audiences, who then interact with and respond to our educational content, thus providing new ideas for future content experiments.

A core part of our TikTok strategy is a framework of rapid experimentation that allows us to derive real time insights regarding our audience and the types of content they are most interested in. Our content cadence is built around prioritizing both quality and quantity of a minimum of 3 videos per weekday. Having a continuous flywheel of quality content provides the foundation for continuously refining our content bucket strategy, and for identifying our backbone content that always performs. At the core of our consistent success is a dedication to continuous experimentation and gathering data to iterate the most relevant and valuable content as the algorithm changes. 

As a platform, TikTok is unique in its ability to storytell through trends and humanize a brand down to the individual level. Our strategies leveraged the inherent advantages of TikTok as a platform to break down complex marketing terms to educate our community, and make growth marketing more accessible to a larger audience. Our focus has always been to entertain first and convert second. We take a “show, don’t tell” approach to providing educational material that builds brand credibility and fosters an authentically invested community within the marketing and corporate space. 

Quality content starts with having quality creators in our team. In order to execute our TikTok strategy, we built our NoGood community team with a mission to always make constant feedback and collaboration a priority. By working as a team and providing feedback to each other, we ensure that we are always experimenting, learning, and making data-backed, insight-driven decisions for our content. 

All in all, our team fully leveraged our content strategy and experimentation models to overcome the challenges of building a community on TikTok as a B2B brand, and solidified our overall presence on the platform through a thoroughly insight-and-data-driven content creation process.


We began with 65,200 followers on January 1, 2022. In the past year, we grew our following by 76%, hitting 119,100 followers in December of 2022. Additionally, our channel has amassed 922,700 likes across all videos. We have posted 9 viral videos (at least 50,000 views), with our most viral video hitting 310,400 views. 

A major marker of our success was our ability to answer to our audience’s curiosities and provide educational, valuable and relevant content that people are already searching for. As TikTok continues to grow its search engine capabilities, our videos were all optimized for TikTok SEO and consistently appear amongst the top-ranking videos for our targeted keywords. For example, we hold the number 1 spot on the TikTok search results page for key marketing terms and topics such as “marketing CAC”, “mind blowing websites” and “tools for competitor research”. Our brand analyses videos also rank number 1 for brands such as Supergoop!, Reformation, Beis, and Haus Labs. 

From a new business perspective, our channel has brought in 6 new clients with TikTok focused scopes. Many of the leads that our new business team have spoken to have directly referenced our NoGood TikTok channel as the reason for why they reached out to us. After launching our own NoGood TikTok studio in July of 2022, we’ve kicked off projects with 2 new clients with a specific TikTok scope to increase their brand awareness and establish authority within their niche industries.  


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