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Brightcove: PLAY Season 1 on PLAY TV: Optimizing Video Strategy for Creators, Brands & Organizations

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There is no shortage of digital content - 4.6 billion pieces of content are produced daily. This means cutting through the noise is becoming more challenging. Media companies, brands, creators and producers are sitting on rich content; the challenge is figuring out how to take greater ownership of their content and deliver it in a way that ensures it breaks through and reaches the targeted audiences. 

Recognizing the challenges of standing out in a world dominated by content, Brightcove helps all companies, brands and creators own their digital future and has become the world’s most-trusted global streaming technology company. In more than 60 countries, our intelligent video platform powers the video needs of organizations across multiple industries and enables businesses to sell to customers more effectively, media leaders to stream and monetize content more reliably, and every organization to communicate with team members more powerfully.

For media customers, we help expand their reach, deepen engagement and monetize their content. For enterprise customers, we help them unlock the power of video to attract new audiences, sell more products, engage and motivate employees, and grow their brands.

To live and breathe our own mission, we decided to share insights around what we call the Producer Economy. We also launched our own digital channels to explain the concept via video and market to other businesses to show them the power of what Brightcove can do for their organization and their video strategy.


To help customers take ownership of their digital future, we provide complete solutions and experts to lead customers through every stage. From creation to distribution and monetization, we offer the technology and resources media companies, brands and enterprises need to have complete control over their content and use it as a competitive advantage.

Our most significant initiative to help customers unlock the power of video is PLAY TV, our in-house streaming service, powered by our own video platform, dedicated to the impact of video and digital media. PLAY TV offers 24/7 access to fresh ideas, actionable tips, inspiration and thought leadership for using video to help organizations, marketers and business leaders connect with their audiences. PLAY TV can be accessed directly through its dedicated website and via OTT and mobile devices through our strategic partnerships with ROKU, Apple, Amazon and Google.

In November 2022, we launched “PLAY Season 1” on PLAY TV as a fresh take on bringing Brightcove’s insights to an engaging virtual event/digital series premiere. PLAY Season 1 was a unique streaming series featuring 30+ episodes with expert insights on how businesses can leverage the power of video and streaming to grow in a digital world. PLAY Season 1 featured our CEO explaining what we coined as the Producer Economy to kick-off the series. We also secured special guests, including Siân Heder (Academy Award-winning writer and director of CODA) and Billy Eichner (Emmy-nominated actor), and featured more than 40 global streaming professionals, marketers and industry all-stars. The series was designed to help businesses explore the power of video, implement a streaming-first content strategy and enable media organizations to find new ways to monetize content and reduce operating costs. With industry-leading points of view on the streaming industry's short- and long-term future, PLAY Season 1 offered critical insight into content strategies that will drive revenue and engage viewers.

Background: When developing PLAY TV, we collected our video content into one place to deliver it to our audiences directly, like a premium streaming service, so they can both benefit from it and experience what our platform can do. This makes it an ideal solution for engaging customers and prospects with live and on-demand video that’s available at any time on any device. To ensure PLAY TV is engaging, we leverage in-depth viewer insights to reveal what we need to create targeted marketing interactions. By analyzing integrated data like our own “attention index”, subscriptions, viewer activity, and engagement, we constantly learn from our audiences and how they respond to the content we create. We use this information to adapt and drive our strategy and gain insights to share with our customers about running a video platform. Creating valuable content for our customers and prospects encourages them to share information about themselves and experience our product. We tailor content creation and delivery to be personalized—and ensure we are nurturing the customer relationship through targeted video content.


PLAY Season 1 on PLAY TV has been a huge success and we are currently in the production phase to launch a second and third season to continue expanding and growing our service and produce further original in-house content to continue providing our customers, prospects and followers with engaging content to fuel their video strategy needs and showcase our solutions and product capabilities. Almost every metric we track was up due to PLAY S1 on PLAY TV. We saw strong growth in Watch Time, Viewers, Visitors, Subscribers, Engagement, New Content Consumption due to launch and campaign. Engagement was up across all content types (3rd Party VOD: +62%, Brightcove VOD (+252%), Live Channels (102%). 

We’ve seen consistent growth across our metrics for PLAY TV because of the series premiere. PLAY Season 1 increased our subscriber base for PLAY TV by 7% within Nov/Dec; it increased our PLAY TV incoming sales leads by 144% during its premiere month; it increased total viewers by 341% in November and 475% in December 2022 compared to October viewership; and increased our percentage of return viewers by 10%. Our unique visits per month also increased in November by 267% and in December by 360% when compared to October. Active viewers, percent of viewers watching new content, percent of library viewed, and the average attention index of viewers all increased as well after the launch of PLAY S1 on PLAY TV.


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