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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

House of Highlights X RDC DreamCon

Entered in Brand Awareness Campaign


The HoH Showdown series is known for assembling the internet's biggest creators in engaging live formats that have revolutionized appointment viewing for Gen-Z sports fans since its beginning in 2020. 

Coming off the success of the 2021 HoH Showdown Dodgeball Tourney, House of Highlights (HoH) brought the competition back again in 2022 but this time the reigning champions, RDC World, had home field advantage by hosting the competition at DreamCon 2022 in Austin, Texas.  

Known for being a convention focused on anime and gaming culture, this year DreamCon evolved to become the home of the most-see live stream sporting event of the year, the HoH Showdown: Dodgeball 2022 Sponsored by Pizza Hut.  

Pizza Hut returned as a sponsor in 2022 to repeat the same success from a year prior to achieve more brand integration and visibility.   

The performances of past Showdowns have proved its ability to help the company achieve the objective of creating sport content that moves the needle for the next generation of sports fans to tune in live that keeps them engaged and wanting more. 

Strategy and Execution

HoH evolved its strategy in 2022 for this live stream by leveraging multiple channels to host official streams of the event which expanded the total accessible audience of the event and allowed the company to increase the live guarantee sold deliverables for the corporate partnership.  

The event was aired across company channels such as the HoH Creator League YouTube channel, the original House of Highlight YouTube channel, the Bleacher Report app and even across the creator contestant’s channels as well for greater visibility. 

HoH didn’t just stop there but it also utilized the platforms of other content creators across social media as well to promote and drive a multi-platform audience as well.  

There were 85 co-streams during the live broadcast of the Showdown, one notably coming from creator Adin Ross who’s co-stream racked up 93K views on his stream just for this specific Showdown.  


House of Highlights utilized a wide mix of social media platforms during the live event that led 29 million views and 1.6 million engagements on Instagram; 19.6 million views and 2.5 million engagements on TikTok; and 1.57 million views and 52 million engagements on YouTube. 

The performance of the HoH Showdown content on these platforms can also be attributed to the fact that the creator contestants were able to drive 217.8k clicks (+65% previous high) across social to the live event.  

On YouTube, the video earned the top #1 trending spot on YouTube in the world with 850k views and was watched for a duration of 14 minutes and 28 seconds. 

Overall, 83% of Audience was under 34 years-old and hyper-engaged driving more than 200,000 chat messaged in 60 minutes or 59 chat messages every second!

For the Pizza Hut sponsorship specifically, the branding were throughout as seen on the team sidelines, walkout tunnel, hosts bomber jackets and the official Pizza Hut jail brake hole.  



Entrant Company / Organization Name

Warner Bros. Discovery Sports