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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Betches x essie "Hands All In"

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Betches partnered with essie to help amplify and drive awareness of essie’s “Hands All In” initiative, developed to help combat loneliness through color and self-expression. Betches goal, in partnership with essie, was to develop a custom content program that shared the importance of meaningful relationships. Leveraging Betches’ reach and influence among essie’s target demographic, Millennial and GenZ women, and Betches’ ability to forge connections through content, Betches delivered a 360-campaign rooted in our newest podcast, Oversharing with engaging social and newsletter program extensions. The partnership was set out to deliver over 6 million impressions and ultimately surpassed the goal by nearly 130%, resulting in 7.78MM impressions.

Strategy and Execution

Custom Podcast Package: Betches overall approach to this campaign was collaborative across their content, social and partnerships teams. Taking a 360 approach, Betches integrated essie’s “Hands All In” messaging within our newest podcast, Oversharing. Betches developed a custom episode “The Secret to Finding Meaningful Connections” themed around the nuances of adult friendships - the difficulties of making friends as an adult, the challenges of maintaining adult friendships, battling loneliness and more. The theme was developed in partnership with essie to ensure the topic was of value to Betches listeners but also answered essie’s partnership goals. The episode organically aligned with essie’s campaign mission and messaging and included 100% ownership of host-read ad spots within the episode for added branding. Additionally, Betches developed a custom segment “Overshare Email of the Week: Adult Friendships Edition'' that ran in four additional episodes of Oversharing. The custom segment allowed listeners the opportunity to write in their submissions forging additional connections with essie’s core target. 

Oversharing Podcast Description: Betches Oversharing podcast is all about the challenges we face in all kinds of relationships; from friendships to family, long term partnerships or even dealing with the customer service rep that makes you want to scream into a pillow. Betches co-founder and relationship enthusiast Jordana Abraham has teamed up with her big sister, licensed clinical therapist Dr. Naomi Bernstein, to answer your questions and try to get to the bottom of the things that bother us most.

Social Content Package: To amplify essie’s “Hands All In” campaign messaging, Betches developed evergreen custom content extensions on Diet Starts Tomorrow, Betches “health and wellness” vertical through a custom video, an in-feed custom meme and a series of Instagram stories. Each custom content deliverable’s messaging surrounded the theme of making friends and building connections as an adult to further tie in essie’s campaign messaging in a relatable and highly-engaging way. 


The Betches and essie’s “Hands All In” partnership succeeded with a 360 plan inclusive of a custom bonus episode,a custom podcast segment, host-red ads, original video, original meme, Instagram stories and inclusions within the Betches newsletter.  

The overall objective was to drive awareness of the “Hands All In” campaign and the campaign over-delivered on all KPIs. It far exceeded its total goal of 6MM organic impressions and ultimately surpassed the goal by nearly 130% resulting in 7.78MM organic impressions. The Oversharing bonus podcast episode exceeded performance at 169% to goal. The Oversharing custom branded segment outperformed benchmarks, performing 135% to goal. The meme surpassed the average branded engagement rate at 8.7% compared to the 3.3%. The Instagram Story poll response performed 10% higher than benchmarks.  

Not only did Betches custom content for essie perform extremely well, the campaign also contributed to essie’s brand lift, awareness and engagement as a whole: 


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