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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Betches Original Videos

Finalist in Comedy Video


Betches’ overall objective is to create and share video content that is humorous and relatable. We want our audience base of 13M+ social followers to watch our videos and think “wow, that is so us” and feel inclined to react and engage - through liking, commenting, or sharing it with their friends, family and even coworkers and driving new fans and followers. Not only is our content funny and relatable, we also strive to start or participate in an of-the-moment cultural conversation, embedding Betches as a brand into the cultural zeitgeist at a given moment. 

In all of Betches original videos, we strive to add humor to everyday situations our audience can relate to. Through various series like our “Before Watching X Show versus After” or “Every X’s Worst Nightmare” videos, we poke fun at everyone, including ourselves, who has ever become so obsessed with a show or movie that they start acting like their favorite character in real life, or cleaned the floorboards before their friends come over (seriously, why?). We make sure the characters in our videos feel realistic by thinking about who in our own lives we know that are like these characters, what the character’s outfit and aesthetic would be, and what they’re interested in right now.

Strategy and Execution

Betches’ overarching strategy is to create content our audience can relate to, commiserate with, and see themselves in - and Betches’ video strategy is no different. We are consumers of the cultural zeitgeist just as much as we are contributors to it, and because of this we are often in lock-step with our audience on what they’re watching, talking about, feeling, and resonating with. 

In order to achieve our objective, we often ask ourselves:

Then, we brainstorm. Each concept is ideated around a cultural moment - spanning highly-hyped TV shows to real-life situations a millennial woman experiences in her lifetime, to throw back nostalgic content. From there the team builds out a script while calling for input from various team members, friends, and family members on ideas to ensure it’s highly relatable and resonant. Once the script is approved, we cast team members for each video - some spanning one character while others leverage 5 or more and start filming. 

Our videos are shot in varying locations, but most often in the Betches office. We find that the Betches HQ offers a glimpse into our real lives, adding authenticity and a “realness” factor with each video we produce, post, and share. Betches actively pushes our video characters to be funny without being cringe. While some lines or moments may be outsized for the sake of comedy, it’s important that they still feel real or touch with a moment our audience can relate to their own life. 

Ultimately, Betches is here to add levity, humor, self awareness (and sometimes self depreciation) with each video - but also to remind our audience that we are going through the same things, they’re not alone. We believe the best content is the kind that’s both funny and true, because it not only gives you a great way to escape reality, it helps you deal with it.


Betches video content output is deemed a success when our videos (Instagram Reels and TikToks) receive high engagement including likes/tags, comments, and shares with our followers, when we exceed our general impressions or video view goals, and when our videos bring in new followers. 

Betches recognizes that different formats and topics will yield different results - so part of our success in meeting our objective is also understanding the mix in our content output: delivering content that is shareable, highly engaging, and exceeding Betches internal and industry benchmarks. And, we don’t take user comments like “omg this is so us” lightly. 

Overall Results:

Content Highlights: 

Betches Sup: Republican Haunted House

Betches: Life Before vs. After Euphoria

Betches: A Day in the Life of a Hopeless Romantic

Betches: Hot Girl Walk

Betches: Every Host’s Biggest Fear

Betches x When’s Happy Hour: Every Character in a RomCom Office Scene

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