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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Betches: Faux Pas Canned Cocktails

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Betches goal as an established media company was to offer our audience a physical product that fully evoked the Betches brand mission and sentiment. Betches strategically decided to launch Faux Pas Canned Cocktails because our first party data confirmed that 97% of our audience enjoys consuming alcoholic beverages - particularly vodka and tequila. 

Available in 18 markets, in Betches top consumer DMAs, the launch of Faux Pas Canned Cocktails is deemed a success based on Betches team, Spirit of Gallo and the product distributors hitting key milestones and overall goals in its first year. The launch of the brand garnered more than 146 million impressions. 

Faux Pas Brand Mission: Faux Pas is female founded but we’re not super interested in boundaries and labels. What we’re into is bringing everyone together over real, humorous, and unfiltered conversations and social occasions. And we aim to do it by becoming the go-to RTD cocktail brand for contemporary women with discerning taste who celebrate the humor and absurdity rife in modern life. For us, it’s all about sharing that which makes us laugh so hard we spit these premium cocktails out of our pretty little noses.

Strategy and Execution

Betches’ overall strategy to launch Faux Pas Canned Cocktails was a multi-tiered approach which started with agreeing to a strategic partnership with the E&J Gallo/Spirit of Gallo to manage the production and general brand management of the new product. Spirit of Gallo proved to be the right partner given their dedication to innovation and launching new brands with notable figures and brands. 

Following the agreement, Betches and Spirit of Gallo kicked off product and brand development: Betches spearheaded naming, design/creative, branding and copy, leveraging multiple team members across content, creative and marketing to ensure every aspect of the product - the cans, the cases, and all materials - complemented Betches. Betches knew the product we wanted to launch had to evoke our brand sentiment and characteristics entirely and it had to be something Betches fans would enjoy drinking. Spirit of Gallo led product development of the cocktails in four varieties; two vodka and two tequila-based cocktails with multiple rounds of tastings to ensure we mixed up the perfect cocktails. The overall process was highly collaborative and communicative, ensuring all brand requirements from Betches and Spirit of Gallo were included in the final outcome. 

As a media company who takes pride in creating content that’s humorous and relatable, encouraging our audience to laugh at their mistakes, we decided the name ‘Faux Pas’ which translates to “misstep” was the perfect name for our new brand. Faux Pas is the catalyst for a fun night out – and embracing any ‘faux pas’ you may experience as the evening progresses.  

Throughout the product development and branding process, Betches simultaneously mapped out a strategic launch and marketing plan to bring the product to Betches consumers. We ensured that all tactics surrounding the launch were in-brand, humorous and most importantly drove the “I need to have this” sentiment so we took a 360 approach leveraging digital, in-person, and press solutions, ensuring the launch was visible across all platforms. 

The Faux Pas Canned Cocktail launch and sustain plan included: 

Following the official launch of Faux Pas Canned Cocktails in April 2022, Betches and Spirit of Gallo continued to pulse out the year-long media, content, and marketing plans throughout the year, constantly optimizing our content outline to ensure we set up Faux Pas Canned Cocktails up for success in year two.


Betches x Faux Pas Canned Cocktail launch succeeded through our strategic planning, innovative thinking and most importantly, remaining true to Betches brand mission. The 360 launch plan encompassed cross-platform paid and earned media solutions, an influencer seeding campaign, interactive quizzes, a dedicated social presence on @drinkfauxpas, experiential activations rooted in Betches tentpoles plus passive product integrations into our content delivered more than 146 million impressions.  

Faux Pas Canned Cocktails is currently available in 18 markets and the Betches and Spirit of Gallo team continue to expand where it’s available - both geographically in new markets and through large scale partnerships with key retailers which proves demand for the product and our overall success in launching the brand. 

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