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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

BeachBound National Beach Day Campaign

Entered in Brand Awareness Campaign


BeachBound, an online travel agency, launched in 2022. The brand faced many challenges, the most notable being a lack of brand awareness. The team wanted to think big to try and accomplish several goals to build brand awareness, which led to the National Beach Day campaign. BeachBound would conduct a sweepstakes to give one lucky winner a trip a year for 20 years!

The goals the team set out to accomplish were:

  1. Grow our email list to increase frequency of touch to potential customers by gaining 20,000 email addresses
  2. Grow social media following by 500 followers
  3. Garner press coverage to gain impressions of the brand with pick up from at least 25 sources.

Strategy and Execution

The National Beach Day campaign launched on 8/30/22, National Beach Day, and ran through 9/30/22. The first hurdle the team faced was figuring out the legality and execution of the giveaway itself. Once feasibility had been determined, the team got to work on messaging the campaign. The campaign had several elements:

  1. Weekly organic social posts and stories including a 360 video from the beach
  2. Paid social ads on Facebook and Instagram
  3. Display ads
  4. Partnership with Good Morning America
  5. Partnership with People Magazine
  6. Paid release on the wire resulting in Forbes pick up along with 330 additional pick ups
  7. 7 emails


Since gathering email address was a primary goal, the next hurdle was determining how to successfully opt users in while still complying with email regulations. We worked closely with a contest law firm to ensure we were covered on all fronts. We drove entries to a landing page where users gave their email addresses, and consented to joining our list, to enter the giveaway. All creative drove to this page, as our primary goal was growing our email list for more frequent communication with new users to improve awareness. 

A key campaign element included our partnership with Good Morning America and People. We leveraged their social accounts to reach more users and were featured in articles that both outlets published online. We wanted to drive users to our own social channels to gain followers, so we could continue to touch those people regularly. Pulling these elements together quickly was challenging but ultimately very rewarding for the team.

The campaign ran for a month, and once it was launched, we continued to monitor and saw great growth daily.


Our team had never run a campaign quite like this one so we didn’t know what to expect. We set a goal to receive 20,000 entries. Within 48 hours we were 75% of the way to our goal. Of course, we were thrilled but hungry for more. Throughout the course of the campaign, we received over 63k entries and received over 47k new email addresses to add to our database. In combination with another campaign running at the same time, we gained over 3.7k new social followers during the campaign period. Lastly, we saw over 330 press pick-ups, including an article in Forbes. The campaign had an estimated UVM of 246M and had over 542k organic social impressions across 22 posts. We believe this campaign supported increased brand awareness and helped us grow our internal channels substantially for further brand touches with new customers going forward.


Entrant Company / Organization Name

ALG Vacations, BeachBound