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From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Bank of America: 2022 World Economic Forum

Finalist in Financial Services


For nearly a decade, Bank of America has had a presence at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, a week-long event that brings together global leaders to share ideas that address the world’s biggest challenges. This event has historically provided Bank of America the opportunity to amplify brand stories that showcase the work it’s doing to drive global progress. But with so much content coming from the over 2,000 participants at the conference – including notable political leaders – it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd.


With this in mind, Bank of America set out to align content closely with WEF focus areas and identified the following key narratives: delivering profits and purpose; sustainable finance/net zero; client focus/innovation; and being a great place to work. The social strategy for the week-long event, which consisted of a mix of organic, paid, and sponsored content that went out before and during the conference, set out to build brand credibility and trust among influencer audiences.

Strategy and Execution

Our content strategy included posts for Bank of America’s official Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages.

14 total pieces of content were posted on Bank of America’s official Twitter and LinkedIn pages throughout the week – five on Twitter and nine on LinkedIn. We also published four times on Instagram – two feed posts and two story posts. The quantity chosen was deliberate – while we wanted  consistent posts throughout the week, we made sure that each piece of content was unique, offered a compelling insight, and didn’t just clog users’ feeds.

Our content strategy consisted of a mix of pre-seeded original content with compelling visuals, on-the-ground live content that reacted in real-time to the topics and themes most widely discussed at the event, and interviews taken on-the-ground with Bank of America executives and influencers discussing WEF’s key themes. These interviews were quickly edited and pushed out in organic and paid posts, showcasing Bank of America’s presence at the conference. For Instagram in particular, we published two stories that showcased “behind-the-scenes" views of Davos.

Additionally, we provided both pre-seeded and live content that amplified the five Bank of America executives who attended the conference, as well as four other executives who were supporting the conference remotely. These executive posts helped us amplify our key narratives while showcasing these individuals as thought leaders.

In addition to the content highlighting Bank of America, the Bank published select influencer posts on each platform. This included spotlighting executives from Mastercard and Qualcomm about how they  build a sustainable and inclusive economy. These influencer posts were especially important to our overall strategy because they illustrated a key theme at Davos: collaboration between leaders.

Lastly, it’s important to note that because of the tragic shooting in Uvalde, Texas on May 24, Bank of America paused all social content for the second half of the week of WEF.


Paid social posts generated nearly 34 million impressions, more than 206K clicks and more than 2.2 million engagements – 57% of all paid Twitter posts surpassed benchmarks. Organic social posts generated more than 1.1 million impressions, 20.3K clicks and 27.6K engagements. 68% of all posts surpassed benchmarks.

We successfully engaged with influencers throughout the week, generating 1.1K mentions from more than 140 unique authors who Bank of America considers to be influential voices on key topics.

The Bank's paid search keyword strategy targeted both general WEF and topic specific keywords, effectively capturing user interest and generating 530k impressions and 49.1k clicks (compared with 135k impressions and 5.8k clicks in 2021). By deploying all these tactics, Bank of America captured 20% of the Share of Voice, far more than any other financial institution participating in WEF.


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VOX Global, GroupeConnect, BCW, Bank of America


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