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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

As We See It Social Campaign

Entered in Launch Campaign


As We See It is a dramedy about three young Autistic adults, striving for the same things that we all desire. Understanding the cultural and social impact of this series, our mission was to create an inclusive campaign that ensured the Autistic community felt represented, reflected, and heard. We wanted to make sure every aspect of our campaign was as accessible and inclusive as possible, accommodating the various needs of the Autistic community.

Strategy and Execution

Making assets that were accessible and inclusive to everyone shaped each aspect of our campaign. We understood that everyone experiences Autism differently and used that tenet to guide our creative approach.  To ensure that perspectives and nuances were respected, we built this campaign alongside autistic and neurodivergent creative, copy, and strategy team members who helped shape the overall campaign. 

Visually, we focused on building a campaign look and feel that was not overstimulating and instead had a sense of comfort, soothingness, and warmth. We were careful not to let campaign elements become overwhelming or busy, instead using subtle touches to enhance and highlight the content. Layouts designed to avoid being overstimulating, and we crafted copy with an eye for readability, using one typeface and weight to keep elements clean and legible while still cohesive and elegant.

We wanted the voice behind “As We See It” social pages to be authentic to the Autistic community. We did this by partnering with copywriters and content creators who are themselves Autistic, as well as featuring the #ActuallyAutistic hashtag where applicable. The #ActuallyAutistic hashtag is viewed as a stamp of authenticity within the community, so we took care to use this hashtag only in posts featuring Autistic cast members and copy written by our Autistic team members.

Digital accessibility was another strong guiding principle for us in this campaign, so we included alt text descriptions to all creative posted. We were meticulous with our text descriptions, making sure each was thorough, especially for video content, to ensure that all fans would be able to engage with the content in ways that worked best for their unique needs. Our goal here was to normalize the presence of alt text throughout our campaign, which allowed our campaign to be an inclusive, welcoming, and easily accessible experience for all.


The show's fan community has responded positively to the campaign of "As We See It," both in terms of the creative direction, and the inclusion and application of the #ActuallyAutistic hashtag. Our goal with this campign was to build an acessible and genuine social presence that accurately represented diverse Autistic perspectives. Working alongside Autistic team members, writers, and creators, we were able to co-build an inclusive and calm space for fans of the show to engage, learn, connect, and enjoy together.


Video for As We See It Social Campaign

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Cynosure Creative Agency, Amazon Studios