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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Apex Legends Gaiden Event Vtubers

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We wanted to create a unique activation that would celebrate the worlds of anime and gaming, excite core Apex fans, and also introduce Apex to a brand new audience. 

Strategy and Execution

In order to do this, we looked to the booming Vtuber community, which has seen exponential growth and interest in the past few years. Melding the worlds of anime, gaming, and streaming together, we developed six Vtuber avatars, based on the anime-inspired in-game skins. 

Three Apex Vtuber avatars were based off of fan favorites Octane, Mirage, and Bangalore, and made available to the public to download and stream with. We partnered with a seasoned Vtuber, Vienna, to make a tutorial for the public on how to get started with the downloadable assets we were providing.

To ensure that we were also engaging with the core fanbase, we then leveraged top Apex content creators, iiTzTimmy, NiceWigg, and Bnans, and created bespoke Vtuber avatars that were not only inspired by the in-game anime skins, but were also personalized for each creator. Their Vtubers were truly bespoke as we made sure to combine their personalities with the Apex character they main. The animations and facial expressions were unique to them and their emotes were based on ones their communities frequently used in chat.

iiTzTimmy, NiceWigg, and Bnans then made their Vtuber debut on Code Miko’s stream. As the grand-finale, we hosted a hide and seek match in Apex with our Vtuber creators along with FPS streamers Shroud and Hamb1no so fans could see these avatars in action!


With over 5 million minutes watched on Twitch, over 1.7 million impressions on Twitter, and over 500 thousand views on Youtube we knew this activation was a success and garnered attention from multiple press outlets.


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Loaded, Electronic Arts


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