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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Aperture - "TikTok is Causing a Mass Psychosis"

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We wanted a show that could connect with people on a level in-tune with their brainwaves. Tackling the questions that roll around in their minds but rarely get explored fully.  Their '3 am thoughts', their 'shower thoughts', and the kind of thoughts that cause people to formulate their own philosophies.

Aperture isn’t your typical YouTube Channel.  It’s not science; it’s not psychology; it’s not philosophy. It’s a mixture of all three and more.  It’s a place where questions are explored, not for the primary purpose of finding answers, but for the sole purpose of bringing the Universe just one inch closer to us.

In a world where things are often painted as black or white, Aperture stands as the grey area, embracing questions without forced conclusions.  Aperture is everyone who has ever questioned their place in the Universe, their purpose on this Earth, and the reason for our collective existence. 

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Aperture’s aim is not to act like we have all the answers but to explore possibilities with the audience.  It’s a joint exploration rather than an authoritative “teaching” experience. We go on a journey together.

Aperture was born of inquisition and will forever be on that quest. The show asks big questions and seeks to find out if big answers await, or if we need to make our own conclusions. In doing so, the show explores thoughts, experiences, and belief systems.

Every scientific thing we write about is backed up by data. Peer-reviewed scientific research is a priority. We want our audience to be confident that we aren't using any unsubstantiated theories.  We aim to build trust with the audience so that they will continue to return to us. 

Our stories are in the 10-15 minute range, and mostly deal with tackling a single idea, but we also publish a more varied video once a month called "Shower Thoughts" which is more of a rapid-fire look at the thoughts that flow through our heads as we relax in the shower.

We've also found that the in-depth nature of the videos, and the leading narrative lend themselves well to the podcast format, so we have recently added Aperture to Spotify podcasts.


Aperture's style of storytelling is really striking a chord with key advertising demographics.

This year we have seen:

These numbers have been very attractive to advertisers, leading to a 100% fill rate on our branded host-read offerings.


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