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Andis Company beSPOKE Centennial Trimmer Launch Video

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Andis Company, a legacy clipper and trimmer brand in the salon professional space, went through a complete rebrand in anticipation of their centennial anniversary in 2022.  As their agency of record, The Evoke Agency was challenged with producing an in-depth product feature video to demonstrate the benefits of the new beSPOKE Trimmer to reveal the all-new features of the first professional tool launched as part of Andis' Centennial product series. 

The video was set to premiere in December 2022 and was to be used to launch the new tool featured on’s product page, across all social media and shared with retailer accounts and advertising partners. The video needed to not only specifically highlight the innovative technology but also bring awareness to the Centennial celebration. Reaching 100 years of recognition and respect in the salon professional industry is a large milestone for Andis; the beSPOKE Trimmer was primed to celebrate the legacy of Andis and their commitment to innovation and market leadership. Rather than reminiscing on Andis’ many past accomplishments, this product launch represented the celebration of the next 100 years. Innovation: Andis wanted to highlight the beSPOKE Trimmer’s innovative wireless induction charging system, cutaway design and other key features. When highlighting the product design, the video needed to speak directly to professional barbers and explain not only what the trimmer can do but why it is beneficial to the buyer. 

Andis dedicated time studying barber and stylist workflows and understood advancements needed to solve challenges that professional stylists face. Andis ensured the beSPOKE Trimmer was innovative yet fundamentally functional at the same time; the video needed to highlight this delicate balance.

Strategy and Execution

Strategy: The product launch video needed to communicate product benefit and innovation to professional barbers who are the end user. With a loyal following for this legacy brand, consumers would be intrigued with any new product. However, in an industry where new products and tools are revealed constantly, this video needed to communicate Andis’ points of differentiation without going too far into product education. The launch video also needed to engage users from start to finish. With, again, so many new products constantly hitting the market, this centennial celebration launch needed to demonstrate the importance and quality of this specific model. Andis is firm in its dedication to design and product engineering to produce the best products on the market for professional barbers; the video had to showcase the design without getting technical in visuals and messaging. This launch was a delicate balance of many things; legacy with modernity and technical product engineering with colloquial audience language. 

Execution: Functional benefits to highlight included razor-like finish for precision cuts, convenient charging and metallic finishes. Fading black transitions and sweeping contour build anticipation and hype throughout the video. A slow rotation of the product gives the viewer a wide view at the full product shape and size. The team also decided that including real-time shots of a barber using the tool would be the best route to demonstrate the legacy of the Andis blade. The video copy highlighted the most-important features that speak directly to professional barbers and stylists, calling out product capabilities that solve everyday challenges. The soundtrack behind the beSPOKE Trimmer video was upbeat and tech-centric to compliment the high-tech videography.


The product launch video was published to Andis’ microsite celebrating the Centennial, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. On Instagram and Facebook, the video garnered a total reach of 192,976, with 132,911 and 60,065 respectively. The video also earned 67,485 views across Instagram and Facebook with 65,090 impressions on Facebook alone. On YouTube, the video earned 3,054 views (3.1K more views than average) and 25K impressions. Of these views, 2.7K included unique viewers. This video earned great numbers across social media platforms and served the brand’s original purpose of launching a new product while celebrating a company milestone.


Video for Andis Company beSPOKE Centennial Trimmer Launch Video

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The Evoke Agency, Andis Company


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