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Rien ne va + (RNVP)

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Engaging young people with the news is more important than ever. We want to give voice to those who are often silenced, bring a new perspective, and genuinely inform, all whilst remaining playful. Our program aims to help audiences understand important, complex issues, through the vehicle of humor.

We explore politics, culture and societal issues through portraits of leaders, personalities and countries, providing information not normally covered in mainstream media, to better analyze the versions that are relayed and to provide a fresh perspective.

We focus on issues like decolonization, racism, social injustice, and climate change, as well as the implications of major powers in the internal policies of sovereign nations like many living in African nations. Our main objective is to model journalistic credibility whilst informing, engaging and expanding our audience.


Our approach is to appeal to a French-speaking audience through humor, while maintaining journalistic rigor. We edit our videos in a dynamic, playful way and do not shy away from special effects. Our goal is to offer portraits of political and historical figures and to cover a variety of topics within a month, and in different geographies: Africa, France, Europe, the US and Asia.

We listen to our audience, their comments, and suggestions, and factor these into our coverage of topics. We have also deployed the show to Côte d'Ivoire in order to get closer to our audience and meet with stakeholders who are shaping the country’s future and culture. By publishing serious information in an unusual tone, we address a young audience seeking to understand current affairs in an informative way and, as always, playfully.

Our strategy is to take an offbeat look at current events, politics and society while constantly searching for reliable and verified information.


Our focus on raising the perspectives and voices of those who have less access to mainstream news outlets has been successful.

Our French-speaking followers tune in weekly to the show, especially in Europe and Africa, where our audience has skyrocketed. It is also interesting to note that our audience extends to the United States and Latin America. By listening to our audience and covering the topics they’re interested in, we have gained over 400k organic followers. Our audience development team helps us shape our presentation and calls to action on at intervals throughout the year, and our engagement is consistently high. And, as always, we can see the interesting exchanges in the comments section, which is proof of concept as we open younger audiences up to debate and new channels of inquiry and discussion.

- Total Videos in year 2022: 53
- Average Video Views per video: 124,324
- Total reactions: 355,897
- Total Comments: 28,993
- Total Interactions: 384,890


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